Come join the Memeing Tillions poker club!

This is a continuation of a discussion that started in another thread, but I wanted to start fresh so people could see the instructions to join right in the OP rather than buried in the middle of the thread.

This is absolutely free, no money required. We use “play money”, but the club automatically tracks performance, so the better players will rise to the top and have bragging rights.

I basically copy/pasted the instructions someone wrote for another poker club I belong to, and changed them as needed to fit ours:

To participate in PokerStars Home Games, you must use a computer.
PokerStars is available for mobile but the mobile versions don’t
support Home Games.

  1. Visit and download and install it.

  2. Run it, and set up your account (you’ll need to pick a username and
    a password).

  3. Visit the cashier (button on top somewhere), click “play money”,
    then click “collect” - this increases the amount of play money chips
    in your account by 15,000, and you can do this every 4 hours. You can also buy play money chips for as little as $3, but if you collect your free allotment a few times a week you’ll never need to buy chips.

  4. Find the “Home Games” button on the bar on the right side of the
    app (you may need to click “More” first)

  5. “Join a poker club”, and use club ID 3654860 and invitation code
    Ignorance fought (and your SDMB name, so I know before approving your membership that it’s not just some random who found this online). I typed in this invitation code with capital I and lowercase f, so that’s probably how you should type it.

  6. Agree with the terms and conditions, and wait to be approved. I need to hear from you first in this thread before approving you, so I know it’s actually someone who posts on the SDMB and not just someone who Googled “poker club” or something like that. (If someone registers just for this, then hey: fair enough I suppose.)

  7. Once approved, open the club lobby, click the schedule tab, find
    the game in the list, and register and play!

Right now we are going to play Wednesdays at 8 Eastern, but we could change that to Fridays by popular request.

PokerStars says they need a few more days to approve the name of the club (I can’t foresee any problems there, while something like “Dopers” might have been seen as objectionable), so in the meantime it will just be designated by its club code.

Hope to see you at the tables!

P.S. There was a previous club of this sort established a decade ago, but that thread has seen no new posts since March 2011, so I would guess it’s safe to conclude that is defunct. (I wish I would have seen it then as I definitely would have played!) I see @notfrommensa posted quite a bit there and is still posting on the boards as of pretty recently, so maybe they can tell us what ever happened to it.

Reminder that our first regular weekly game is tomorrow (Wednesday) at 8 p.m. Eastern. I’ll post another reminder a couple hours ahead.

The email I got says 10PM Eastern.

Hmmm… I better check. Thanks for letting me know.

It’s definitely at 8 Eastern. Two of us are registered already, and I’m looking at it right now and it says it’s starting in “18h 54 min”.

I also see a new application to join from Sarabellum76. I’m assuming that’s @Sarabellum – can she please confirm it was really her?

Thanks for setting this up. It’s nice to see the SDMB poker club back in action.

You bet! Still time to get signed up for tonight, I just need to see people confirm here that they did so.

@Frosted_Glass, you’re approved! Welcome. Still nearly an hour to get registered for tonight’s game (including late registration). I still need to hear from @Sarabellum to approve her into the club, and club members @manson1972 and @mikecurtis are not yet registered for the tourney.

Yes it was me, lol.

Ah, good. Sorry we didn’t figure it out sooner! Look forward to playing with you next week. :slight_smile:

Okay, we have our first official result! (We only had three players last week and you need four–this time we had five, even without Sara.) I took it down after going into HU against MotherMucker (who is that, again?) down over 2-1. I do have to apologize to MM on the last hand though, for sucking out with my Q8s against their AQ. That’s kind of gross, but I still would have had the chip lead even if I lost that hand so I gambled.

@manson1972 and I are up for more poker, just an “exhibition” this time as I don’t think it’s fair to rack up club points for something impromptu. How does 8-Game sound for some variety?

I don’t see any club points. Where do I look for that?

Seems like it hasn’t updated yet, but it will be under the “Standings” tab.

That was a fun game, thanks. Hope to see you guys again next Wednesday (won’t be able to make it this Friday evening)

I went ahead and created an 8-game tourney to start in about 15 minutes. Again, just for fun–not toward standings.

Great to play with you! No game scheduled for Friday, so we’ll look forward to seeing you at the next regularly scheduled game Wednesday. You can also get in on this quick 8-Game tourney if you like :slight_smile:

I only know how to play 4 of the 8 games :expressionless:. I also need to get dinner around this time, sorry.

No problem :slight_smile:

D’oh, we only got through two of the eight games (among my least favorite: 2-7 triple draw and limit hold’em) before @manson1972 wiped me out! Hopefully we can play another time and get through them all.

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