Come join the poker club for SDMB on PokerStars

Pokerstars is now allowing players to create their own private clubs. This is something the Straight Dope poker playing contingent has wanted for a while. Anyway, the club manager can schedule both cash games or tournaments, for both real or play money.

I have started a club that I am inviting all SDMB readers to join. The eventual name will probably be “MentalGuy’s poker club” (though my PokerStars ID is Mathinator), but until that is approved, you will need to use the club ID which is 42585. The invitation code is “cecilville”.

I don’t know if we will eventually move our normal Thursday night game there or not, but I will have it available for any events members want to have.

As a trial run I have scheduled a real money HORSE tournament Saturday night at 9:00 Central Time. The entry fee is $1.10.

I have also scheduled a No Limit Hold’em freeroll for Sunday night at the same time. The entry fee says 1.10, but the fact that there is no dollar sign in front of it indicates that it is coming out of your “play money” account.

I have also created some cash game tables that players can use.

This is a beta from PokerStars so there is a possibility some things could not work perfectly or they could decide not to continue it, but it looks like an excellent opportunity to be able to have poker games with something other than random other participants.

So, come on all you SDMB poker players and join us. Just go to PokerStars and find the club and give the invitation code. I will approve you as soon as I can (which will generally be in the evenings).

If your PokerStars ID is different than your dope ID, I am sure everyone would appreciate you posting to let us know who you are.

The time difference being what it is, I am unlikely to be able to be a regular player, but I wouldnt mind registering, on the off-chance I am awake some night when a game is going. My player id is Dipsgame.

Heck, if we have enough interest, I will schedule some tourneys at times convenient for you Europeans.

MentalGuy, I think they have a limit of 50 players per club. Better check on that before signing up a bunch of people who might play someday.

MentalGuy, It is possible to adjust the starting chips & blind/ante structure? Maybe more starting chips, with 8 minute increase in blinds/antes.

And I wouldn’t mind some games on weekend afternoons to accommodate the Euros . In fact, at this time, I can play almost anytime, if given some notice, especially in the winter.

Oh, and Thanks for setting this up.

I’d play. I play on PokerStars almost every night. I tried SDMB Poker one Thursday night, that is typically my IRL poker night. I would definitely play in a private club on PokerStars.

My PokerStars name is BobArrgh.

Thanks for the warning, but I don’t think we will bumping up against that limit anytime soon. If it does become a problem, I think I can remove people from the club, but I wouldn’t do that until it became absolutely necessary, and then only if they really didn’t play at all.
Mensa, yes it is possible to adjust things to a certain extent. I don’t remember what the exact options are right now, but I know we can start with more chips. I can be more specific when I get home.

Anybody know the size of the poker stars download?

I use a sattelite ISP and am limited to bandwidth usage. Last I checked I was very close to usage limits for this month and may not be able to do that download.

Sometimes I hate living in the boondocks!

Craneop2 … it’s only the middle of the month and you are already worried about your download limit???

Anyway, you might be able to download it away from your home and then copy the installation file to a flash drive. However, whenever you start PokerStars, it will download any updates, so my suggestion would really only work for the initial download.)

It looks like it is about 11.5 MB.

Okay, we have 8 people in the club now.

If there are players that would like to play low stakes real money games, but would have problems depositing money, PM me and we might be able to work something out.

BucketyBuck is from Ireland and another player is showing their location as Göteborg. Tell me what time would be convenient for you and I will set up a tourney at that time. You might also want to let me know your preferences as to game type, real money, etc.

Mensa, the blind options are every 3, 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes. The starting chip options are 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, or 5000.

For payouts you can have top 10%, 15%, 20% or winner take all.

Almost all regular forms of Hold’em, Stud, and Omaha are available along with HOSE and HORSE. Also Badugi.

Ok, many we can vary the structure to keep things interesting.

And my online account is pretty dry, very dry.

I’ve never really played online poker, but I’ve joined. Could be fun.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to turn off font smoothing in the pokerstars program? It doesn’t respect system wide settings.

RickJay71; I have asked to join.

Okay, we have 11 members now. I am at the ring game Hold’em tables if anyone wishes to join me.

I also asked to join - Ms_Anthrope5

Also registered in the stud freeroll.

Question - I have only the .net PokerStars, IOW play money only. I do not see a way, like UB, to also have it cash. Nor do I have any idea whether I can deposit. What to do?

sent a request as lucketc…

Uninstall the .net software and reinstall with the .com setup.

Oh, and I am OtbertVII.

Request sent … BobArrgh.