Supple but firm, and part of a balanced breakfast -- SDMB Poker, Q3 2013

As the winner of the second quarter poker tournament, I have the honor (honor?) of posting the thread for the third quarter.

New players are welcome. We’re a friendly and social group; we play the game seriously, but not cutthroat. As always, here are the instructions for anyone who wishes to join us:

For those in the know, this is the thread for our third quarter of 2013.

For those not in the know, there is a group of us from the SDMB that play poker online every Thursday night at 10 Eastern/9 Central.

We will continue to play on PokerStars using the “Home Game” club that was announced here. The games are still free.

If you would like to join us, then follow the steps below:

  1. Go to and download the software.
  2. Send a PM to MentalGuy(me) to have him send you the invitation code (it is no longer cecilville).
  3. After installing the software, find the Home Games tab.
  4. Click on “Join a Poker Club”
  5. Enter 42585 as the number of the club to find.
  6. Enter the invitation code sent to you by MentalGuy.
  7. Wait for MentalGuy to approve you. (He will do it as soon as possible.)

This should make you a member of “MentalGuy’s poker club.” Once you are there, you should have no problem finding the tournaments.

The Thursday night game is our “official” game that Oslo Ostragoth keeps the standing for each quarter, but we often have additional games. Oslo often schedules a pot-limt hold’em/omaha event on Saturday nights and several players like to play an occasional Badugi tournament. If there is a game you would like scheduled or a certain time you would like to play, just let us know and we should be able to accomodate you.

We also usually have chat going on AIM while we play (there is a chat window at the table, but AIM allows a bit more freedom and does not get interrupted with hand descriptions).

If you join us, we would appreciate it if you fill out your information on this spreadsheet. This helps us keep players straight with their doper and AIM handles.

Results from the Fourth of July

  1. Crane
  2. Fubby
  3. MentalBot
  4. DHK
  5. Dag Otto


Results 7-11-13
(8) NGR Snow
(6) Fubbleskag
(5) Dag (bot made it to break)
(4) Frosty
(3) Root
(2) DHKendall
(1) ME!
Good game ALL

There was some discussion about whether this game should count in the standings. What say ye?

Sharknado blew up the social media world - 604,000 tweets in the first seven hours. It made the “trending” list. And the best news is that SyFy will show it again next Thursday! WooHoo!

Why wouldn’t it?

I finished DFL. Just never got into the game mentally( not that I am very mental at all). The only person that botted was Mathinator.
I have no problem with letting it count.

Results for July 18, 2013

  1. notfrommensa
  2. fubbleskag
  3. Craneop
  4. Asterion
  5. MentalGuy

Back from vacation…see you Thursday.

First standings of the quarter:

1 Craneop2 63.8
2 notfrommensa 54.8
3 fubbleskag 31.8

Is it still possible to join? If so, I’d love to play.

For some reason, my version of the Poker Stars client won’t allow me to “Find a player” and I can’t figure out how to send a PM. If you send me an invitation code via PM here, I’d be very appreciative. Player ID on PS is Mr_Osala.

You need to send a Private Message to MentalGuy via a hyperlink at the top of this page under the Big Blue Straight Dope Banner on the right side.

Mine looks like this

Welcome, notfrommensa.
You last visited: Today at 10:34 AM
Private Messages: Unread 0, Total 10.

Mentalguy is the administrator of the Home Game and usually checks his PM’s each afternoon.

Speaking on behalf of the other players, we will be delighted if you join the game. Get yourself a AOL AIM handle as well as we chat via AOL when we are playing.

notfrommensa, Thanks a bunch.
PM sent. I had a moment of bad reading comprehension there. I"m off to look for AIM.

I was unable to do anything until this afternoon, but I have sent the invitation code to drillrod and one other player that requested it. Those two players bring the number of members of MentalGuy’s Poker Club up to 50. That is the limit.

So, if we have anymore requests to join, we will need to remove some members from the club. Obviously, I would like to remove the ones that have been inactive the longest, but does anyone know a simple way of determining this?

I think Oslo should have some documentation. If not, you can track the threads…but scanning he names in the league, I can see about 10 that haven’t played in over year. (or never played)

Duke of Rat is in the league and he made an inquiry last quarter and then got frustrated and decided to not follow through.

Results June 25:
Had a few probs tonight and some players didn’t get to playBut those who did welcomed a new player. Welcome drillrod!
(6) Mathinator
(5) Dag
(4) Fubbleskag
(3) Not from Mensa
(2) Mr Osala (drillrod)
(1) ME

Too late for Edit. I meant JULY 25th. I wish I could slow down time that easily!

Don’t delete me please. I’ll play again when the busy season is finished at my work, probably in November.

If you go to the club lobby, you can view the roster and who has played in how many games.

New standings:

1 Craneop2 70.4
2 MentalGuy 56.6
3 notfrommensa 54.0
4 Dag Otto 49.7
5 fubbleskag 32.8

Welcome, drillrod!

I’m glad that I was finally able to make it. Watch out point leaders!