Come join the Memeing Tillions poker club!

Don’t forget to join the No Limit Hold’em tournament at 8 PM Eastern Time tonight! If you like poker, what’s not to love about playing with friends and losing fake money instead of real money?

Oh pshaw folderol nonsense

(give me another week or two for this post to be even more meaningless than my usual offings.) (I get antsy with those things yanno)


In any event, come join the poker game, just started!

too cards-challenged

Tonight is boogie-doogie, or boogity-do, or doogie howser or something. I honestly have no idea. A quick perusal of the available literature on the subject (and by literature i mean a web site) leads me to believe that no pairs, or matching of suits wins somehow. Come and join the fun, figure out how to play, learn the breaking news of the day, and basically just relax and have some laughs on a Friday night, since you all better not be going to bars!!! Pandemic and what-not!

Just a reminder to join the No Limit Hold’em tournament at 8 PM Eastern Time tonight! Probably no one except the core 6 players will see this message, but it’s worth a try!

I suggest everyone come play to have a good time in case you are distraught about the pending divorce of Kim and Kanye. Or celebrate that you may now have a chance with Kim or Kanye, or both, whatever your preference!

5 hyper-turbo Pot Limit Omaha games starting at 9:30 PM Eastern Time tonight! No need to sign up for all of them, you can even play just one if you’re lacking on time. Perfect for those who feel the regular Wednesday games are too much of a grind!

Can still join in the next 4 games! I decided to let some others win the first one, lest they start hating me winning all the time :wink:

Another Wednesday night No-Limit Hold’em game at 8 PM Eastern Time tonight. Great chance to brush up on your poker skills so you can win real money at casino poker rooms later, if you’re so inclined! Just don’t blow it all at the blackjack tables afterward. :wink:

I feel personally attacked.

Reminder to join the No-Limit Hold’em game at 8 PM Eastern Time tonight! I promise I won’t forget to show up this time, knowing how devastated all of you will be!

Thank God!

Everybody else, come and join! It’s actually pretty fun. It’s non-political, in case you are worried about that. And find out the current breaking celebrity news that everyone knows is super important! Sign up and have fun!

Everyone’s favorite Slacker claims to have been dealt a straight flush somewhere, and wants to lure you to his Twitter account to see a “photo” of the hand. This and MORE is what you’ll find during the Memeing Tillions poker extravaganza!

I object! Only half of the chat tonight was about Megan and Harry.

Don’t forget, there’s a No-Limit Hold’em game at 8 PM Eastern Time tonight. Last week we had a record 9 players join, and with your help we can set another new record!

Damn, I feel like a radio host begging the listeners during a donation drive. Ugh.

Since last Friday’s game got canceled due to lack of participants, it feels like an eternity has passed since our last game. So don’t screw it up for the rest of us today, and remember to join the No-Limit Hold’em game at 8 PM Eastern Time!

It’s a fun game, like, for realzies! I know other people read this sometimes, come try a week! Don’t be scared! :slight_smile:

Somebody hacked my account and posted this! Come laugh during the poker game tonight! Also, super important news break will be revealed!

Hey, there’s a NL Hold 'em tourny tonight if anyone is interested! It’s a fun time if you are sitting at home on a Friday night!