SDMB Poker Q1 2011: That's jacked and other whining

Despite jackin’ my chips and generally running roughshod over those of us “old timers”, it appears the newbies are too wussie to start the new thread.

To prevent Meeko from getting the shakes, not having the new thread and all, here you go.


Every Thursday, 9pm Central / 10pm Eastern
Private Server: SDMB Poker / Chez Fubbs
Password: cecil

We are on AIM a little before the game, so if you need assistance setting up, post here with your nickname and someone will help you.

Some previous threads, just because it seems to be mandatory:
Q4 2010 With MindWanderer taking the Q
Q3 2010 With Robot Arm taking the Q
Q2 2010 With notfrommensa taking the Q

So, the only one who is vocal with needing his fix gets a call out.


The courtesy Poker Night bump. Come one come all. Holidays are over. Lets have a big turnout tonight.

Results from the first week:

14 peek
13 crane
12 NFM
11 MG
10 yeti
9 frosty
8 hellboy
7 meeko
6 oslo
5 missy
4 gray
3 dag
2 red

and finishing in first place for the first time ever in a poker tournament anywhere, helped along by amazing hands and a read mojo that was working this week, not to mention a devastatingly handsome…

1 ludo

After our weekly tourney, NFM, Dag, and I played the NL hold’em freeroll at PokerStars. NFM went out first, I was out in 699th place. When I left, Dag was still holding in there - how did you end?

I had some good hands at first, but no one bit. When I was down to about 2k chips, it went downhill. I couldn’t get a decent hand to save my life.

I had some good hands that held up to get myself to about 45-50th in chips with about two-three hundred players left. I was even able to do a little bullying despite the top two chip leaders at my table, but then ran into some bad luck with decent hands (two pair, aces and tens losing to a rivered flush, etc.) to go out in 145th place.

Dag, How long did it take to get down to 145 players? the tourney started at 11 pm central. I figured it was going to take at least to 2 am to get to the top 72 and I really didn’t want to stay up that late.

The facebook freeroll has been cancelled this afternoon. Dang it.

Apparently it has not been cancelled. Password is ‘‘potato’’.

How does one get into the facebook freeroll?

Missy, there are two facebook freerolls every day, 1 pm and 7 pm central time. Passwords are announced about 10 minutes prior to tournament start here:

You can find the tournaments under the Tourney==>Private Tabs “Facebook Poker League-Freeroll”

Places 2-250 win a dime ticket to a “true” free roll, also played at 1 pm and 7 pm central time,
First place wins a $1.10 ticket to a bigger freeroll.

Read more about it here:

FWIW, you can register up to 20 minutes late (w/o penalty) for these tournaments, which IMO is a good idea because about 25% of the all-in maniacs are gone by that time. Only problem, the blinds are up to 50-100 after 20 minutes so you have to make a move fairly quickly.

To get to the to 250, it takes about 2.25 hours in the afternoon, and about 1.75 hrs in the evening. (More players in the afternoon).

So, I guess I’ll try the 7pm one!
(I’ll open up AIM for poops and giggles, too)

All I got to say is…

Dagnabbit…Dag rivered a straight flush for a three-way beatdown! Bastard!

Oh, it was overkill. If I recall correctly, all I really needed was the flush to beat your pitiful hands.

IIRC all you needed was a J-8 in your hand to beat our hands. Our straights were 10 high. with a 6s-7s-10x-9x-10s on the board

Courtesy Thursday Night Bump…Come one come all and see Peeker flame out.


  1. Meeko
  2. Missy
  3. Peeker
  4. Ludovic
  5. Mentalguy
  6. Crimethink
  7. Dag
  8. Oslo
  9. NFM
  10. Ghost
  11. Crane
  12. Yeti

Next - private home games at Stars, and maybe results for the rag tag gang that will play the PS freeroll tonight.

Mine was 5,5 something.

In all honesty, I was on tilt from our game. Got pocket Nines, and bet before someone with pocket kings.

Hard to tell when people ARENT bluffing in those games. But meh, I’m east coast. Yeah, let’s go with that.

At 2:25am PST, I finished FUCKING FIRST OUT OF 9000.

Ok, I’m tired…going to bed.

The Yeti is back (to back)…:stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I laughed too when I re-read this.