Just quadded in the freeroll - SDMB Poker 2nd Quarter 2011 - Now at PokerStars

For those in the know, this is the thread for our second quarter.

For those not in the know, there is a group of us from the SDMB that play poker online every Thursday night at 10 Eastern/9 Central. Here is the thread from last quarter.

The big change for this quarter is that we will now be playing on PokerStars using the “Home Game” club that was announced here. The games are still free.

If you would like to join us, then follow the steps below:

  1. Go to www.pokerstars.com and download the software.
  2. Send a PM to MentalGuy to have him send you the invitation code (it is no longer cecilville).
  3. After installing the software, find the Home Games tab.
  4. Click on “Join a Poker Club”
  5. Enter 42585 as the number of the club to find.
  6. Enter the invitation code sent to you by MentalGuy.
  7. Wait for MentalGuy to approve you. (I will do it as soon as possible.)

This should make you a member of “MentalGuy’s poker club.” Once you are there, you should have no problem finding the tournaments.

The Thursday night game is our “official” game that Oslo Ostragoth keeps the standing for each quarter, but we often have additional games. Oslo often schedules a pot-limt hold’em/omaha event on Saturday nights and several players like to play an occasional Badugi tournament. If there is a game you would like scheduled or a certain time you would like to play, just let us know and we should be able to accomodate you.

A couple of things we would like you to do if you join us. One is to add your name to thisspreadsheet.
We also usually have chat going on AIM while we play (there is a chat window at the table, but AIM allows a bit more freedom and does not get interrupted with hand descriptions). So, it would be nice if you had AIM available. In fact the title of this thread comes from a declaration Ludovic made in our AIM chat.

We hope to see some new players, so come join us.

Bumping this for the midday crowd since I posted late at night originally.

Oh man…I just quadded in my Cheerios…:eek:

my plans are fluid today. Not sure about tonight yet.

Not sure that I can make it either tonight. Too bad, I was looking forward to the new format.

If you are ‘fluid’ you are obviously are not ‘quadded’.

I just got less fluid. Will play tonight.

My mom had surgery yesterday, and I had today off. Was over at her house to help her out, and didn’t have an exit strategy in mind when I posted the above. Posting to SDMB with your Kindle is doable, playing Poker, probably not.

Results for 4/7/11 2nd quarter

  1. Yeti (oldie)

  2. Missy (oldie)

  3. Mensa (newbie)

  4. Oslo (oldie)

  5. Dag (oldie)

  6. Meeko (newbie)

  7. Mental Guy (newbie)

  8. Ludovic (newbie)

  9. Mrs Crane (newbie)

This part is per Crane. Newbies got a head start

obviously, this newb has some 'splaining to do. I’ll will get better.

just popped in to say the thread title makes me want to listen to Neil Young.


Keep on quadding in the freeroll.

“Quaddin’ In The Freeroll”

There’s chips in the pot
Red, white and blue
Players bluffin’ with rags
Players bettin’ seven-duece
But there’s a warnin’ sign
on the road ahead
There’s a lot of fish callin’
All in and drawing dead
Don’t feel like a bastid,
but I am to them
So I bully them,
any way I can.

Keep on quaddin’ in the freeroll,
Keep on quaddin’ in the freeroll
Keep on quaddin’ in the freeroll
Keep on quaddin’ in the freeroll.

I see a schmuck to my right
With pocket 6’s in my hand
Under the gun I call his raise
Slow-play him when I can
Now he pushes all-in after the flop,
his A-A looks good with 6-A-6
He hates his life,
and what I’ve done to it
There’s one more donk
Won’t be final 72
Never get to real cash,
never get to round two.

Keep on quaddin’ in the freeroll,
Keep on quaddin’ in the freeroll
Keep on quaddin’ in the freeroll
Keep on quaddin’ in the freeroll.

We got a thousand players left to fight
For the Doper (wo)man
We got a ruder, grimmer,
Machine gun hand
We got our QQ making QQ’rs
giv’em tissue paper
Got pocket roxxers
for the check-raiser
Got a-chip-and-chair people,
saying keep hope alive
Got turns to burn,
got rivers to drive.

Keep on quaddin’ in the freeroll,
Keep on quaddin’ in the freeroll
Keep on quaddin’ in the freeroll
Keep on quaddin’ in the freeroll.

Very Well done, Weird Al Yeticus.

Sorry guys, been out of town since the 2nd. I’ll see if I can make this Thursday though.

Playing a ring game, I just saw four hands in a row where pocket Jacks were dealt to a player, and they won each and every time. The first three times, a jack was part of the flop to make a set. the second time, it won when the board paired, to counterfeit my top two pair on the flop when I was the Big Blind (9-7o).

I won the first of those four hands when the trips held up against pocket Kings.

I don’t know what was rarer, to see pocket jacks four hands in a row, or see them win four times in a row.

Doesn’t the latter kinda need the former ?

12th: lucketc/Skeez
11th: GrayGhost
10th: fubbs
9th: Yeti
8th: Ludovic
7th: browse/notfrommensa
6th: Mrs. Crane
5th: Otbert/Oslo
4th: Mathinator/Mental Guy
3rd: Dag Otto
2nd: Cyberhawk
1st: ME

Want to move back to Mavens? PS just locked out most U.S. players from playing real money games. Cite (but really, just go to Stars and try to join a real money table.) I can personally attest this is true.

Oh, it’s due to the Obama Administration deciding to indict the heads of Poker Stars, Absolute Bet and Full Tilt for a slew of charges relating to UIGEA. Cite.

My feelings on this are best suited for the Pit.

I thought Barney Frank (Was it?) had some legislation moving to get Internet gambling. But I think I ranted about this last year.

As for Atlanta, we **JUST **yesterday got our Governor to sign a bill that would allow us to vote for the right to have Sunday sales of Alcohol in retail stores. Package stores by law, to this day, must be closed on Sunday in GA.

One step at a time.

As for moving back, I never had a money account at stars anyway. I wasn’t sure if we were going to have actual money games at stars in the first place.

**Even with Stars neutered, it still has bigger balls than mavens. **