They left me to start a new pker thread. So here it is

Results from first week of the last quarter of 2015;

1 ME
2 Mathinator
3 Dag
4 Frosted glass

Please read the following commercial message, brought to you by the SDMB poker group:

New players are welcome. We’re a friendly and social group; we play the game seriously, but not cutthroat. As always, here are the instructions for anyone who wishes to join us:

For those in the know, this is the thread for our 3rd quarter of 2015.

For those not in the know, there is a group of us from the SDMB that play poker online every Thursday night at 10 Eastern/9 Central.

We will continue to play on PokerStars using the “Home Game” club that was announced here. The games are still free.

If you would like to join us, then follow the steps below:

  1. Go to and download the software.
  2. Send a PM to MentalGuy(me) to have him send you the invitation code (it is no longer cecilville). If you do not here from MentalGuy, notfrommensa also has the invitation code.
  3. After installing the software, find the Home Games tab. (Which is now kind of hidden in the “more” tab at the bottom right).
  4. Click on “Join a Poker Club”
  5. Enter 42585 as the number of the club to find.
  6. Enter the invitation code sent to you by MentalGuy.
  7. Wait for MentalGuy to approve you. (He will do it as soon as possible.)

This should make you a member of “MentalGuy’s poker club.” Once you are there, you should have no problem finding the tournaments.

The Thursday night game is our “official” game that Oslo Ostragoth keeps the standing for each quarter, but we sometimes have additional games. If there is a game you would like scheduled or a certain time you would like to play, just let us know and we should be able to accommodate you.

We also usually have chat going on AIM while we play (there is a chat window at the table, but AIM allows a bit more freedom and does not get interrupted with hand descriptions).

If you join us, we would appreciate it if you fill out your information on this spreadsheet. This helps us keep players straight with their doper and AIM handles.

Please come join us! We need more players.

We don’t need no stinking Bangs!

Pker! Pker!

Poker results 10-08
1 Me
2 Asterion
3 Mathinator
4 Dag.

Krakow! Krakow! Two direct hits!

(That’s the C&H I was expecting your link to go to. :))

Damn it. That is a better comic.

1 dag
2 ast
3 frosty
5 Mensa
6 Crane


1 Craneop2 67.5
2 Dag Otto 59.1


1 Craneop2
2 Dag Otto
3 MentalGuy
4 asterion


1 Craneop2 71.2
2 Dag Otto 59.3
3 asterion 55.0
4 MentalGuy 47.6

Results from tonight:

5 ast
4 MG
3 frosty
2 dag
1 Crane the unstoppable, with his 4th win in 5 games!


1 Craneop2 74.2
2 Dag Otto 60.9
3 asterion 47.5
4 Frosted Glass 44.4
5 MentalGuy 44.3

Thank You Oslo!
This machine will find a place in the garbage tomorrow!

Are you OK? Or will you be posting from the Gulf of Mexico for a while?

Since Oslo gave me that standings I’ll just go ahead and post results:

First Place: Frosty
DFL: dag


1 Craneop2 74.2
2 Dag Otto 57.3
3 Frosted Glass 51.1
4 asterion 47.5
5 MentalGuy 44.3

Thanks Dag! It was a nice intimate game tonight :smiley:


1 dag
2 dhkendall
3 crane


1 Craneop2 69.2
2 Dag Otto 60.4
3 Frosted Glass 51.1
4 asterion 47.5
5 MentalGuy 44.3

Wild swings tonight.

1 dag
2 dhk
3 crane
4 frosty


1 Craneop2 66.1
2 Dag Otto 63.7
3 dhkendall 51.5
4 asterion 47.5
5 Frosted Glass 46.0
6 MentalGuy 44.3

No one showed up on November 26 but me. Game wouldn’t let me play by myself and get the winnings all for me. Stupid game.

So, here’s the results for 12/3/15:

  1. asterion
  2. Crane
  3. Dag
  4. Mathinator


1 Craneop2 65.4
2 Dag Otto 61.6
3 asterion 56.7
4 dhkendall 51.5
5 Frosted Glass 46.0
6 MentalGuy 40.1


1 frosty
2 dag
3 asterion
4 crane
5 semi zombie yeti

1 Craneop2 62.8
2 Dag Otto 62.1
3 asterion 55.6
4 Frosted Glass 55.6
5 dhkendall 51.5
6 MentalGuy 40.1

Nice group last night. Thanks for posting results Dag!

Results for Dec, 17, '15

(1) Me
(2) DH Kendall
(3) Adamanthea
(4) Yeti (not bad for a bot)
(5) Dag
(6) Rooooot

I don’t see a new thread, so I thought I’d put it here for now. Someone please copy and paste if they know where it is or start one.

Results for 1/14/16:

  1. Asterion
  2. Frosty
  3. Mathinator
  4. Dag Otto (bot)
  5. Fubbleskag

I have last weeks results. Sorry about tonight, I had to leave town. I can start the new thread next week, I was hoping to be inspired by current events, but all it seems to be is Trump in the news, which isn’t inspiring at all.