Turn off your *&$#@*&! video game and get a reality check. SDMB Poker 1st Qtr 2012

I have been reprimanded for not doing my duty as champion of the fourth quarter 2011. So, a bit tardy, but here it is:

This is the “official” SDMB thread for 1st quarter, 2012 at PokerStars.
Here is last quarter’s thread, where you can view my stunning success in all its glory.

Now we will just copy and paste.

For those in the know, this is the thread for our first quarter of 2012.

For those not in the know, there is a group of us from the SDMB that play poker online every Thursday night at 10 Eastern/9 Central.

We will continue to play on PokerStars using the “Home Game” club that was announced here. The games are still free.

If you would like to join us, then follow the steps below:

  1. Go to www.pokerstars.com and download the software.
  2. Send a PM to MentalGuy(me) to have him send you the invitation code (it is no longer cecilville).
  3. After installing the software, find the Home Games tab.
  4. Click on “Join a Poker Club”
  5. Enter 42585 as the number of the club to find.
  6. Enter the invitation code sent to you by MentalGuy.
  7. Wait for MentalGuy to approve you. (I will do it as soon as possible.)

This should make you a member of “MentalGuy’s poker club.” Once you are there, you should have no problem finding the tournaments.

The Thursday night game is our “official” game that Oslo Ostragoth keeps the standing for each quarter, but we often have additional games. Oslo often schedules a pot-limt hold’em/omaha event on Saturday nights and several players like to play an occasional Badugi tournament. If there is a game you would like scheduled or a certain time you would like to play, just let us know and we should be able to accomodate you.

We also usually have chat going on AIM while we play (there is a chat window at the table, but AIM allows a bit more freedom and does not get interrupted with hand descriptions).

If you join us, we would appreciate it if you fill out your information on this spreadsheet. This helps us keep players straight with their doper and AIM handles.

Results for 05 Jan:

  1. Dag
  2. Ghost
  3. Frosty
  4. Meeko
  5. Mental
  6. Crane
  7. Missy
  8. Mensa
  9. Texcat

Last quarter?

I didn’t win, so who cares?

Games starts in a few minutes in case anyone has forgotten about it.


Tonight’s Results:

  1. Fubbs
  2. NFM
  3. Ghost
  4. Missy
  5. Crane
  6. Mr. Bootis
  7. Dag
  8. Ast
  9. BobArrgh
  10. Mental
  11. Frosty
  12. Yeti

Courtesy Thursday night BUMPity Bump bump bump

Hour to go until “Shuffle Up and Deal”

We got six players registered already. wOOt wOOt.

ROOOOOOOOOOOOT is back! as well as Ghosty, Meeko, Hawk, Frotsy and me

Results for Jan. 19

  1. MentalGuy
  2. Dag Otto
  3. NotFromMensa
  4. Bootis
  5. Meeko
  6. FrostedGlass
  7. GrayGhost
  8. Cyberhwk
  9. RobotArm
  10. CraneOp
  11. MissTake

First standings of the quarter:

1 Dag Otto 80.3
2 MentalGuy 78.7
3 Frosted Glass 71.5
4 Gray Ghost 55.2
5 notfrommensa 44.7
6 Craneop2 32.5
7 MissTake 23.7

Well, sort of. I signed up for the tournament. Then I remember that Thursday was the only evening that I could take the Jeopardy online test, so I was going to check what time that was and possibly bail on the poker.

Then I was out somewhere[sup]*[/sup] and got home too late to do either one. Sorry.

  • Working on an actual robot, though, which is pretty cool.

Just looking at PokerStars (and just maybe I want to toot my own horn) but their stats include “KO” which I guess are Knock-Outs.

I had 5 knockouts last night, MG had 3, Bootis had 2 and Dag Otto had 1
This Quarter totals:

Yeti, Mensa 6
DagOtto 5
MentalGuy, Frosty, BobArrrgh 3
Ghosty, Bootis 2
Crane, Meeko 1

Game duration:
1 hr 30 min last night
1 hr 16 min last week
1 hr 15 min two weeks ago

Just to toot my own horn as well, I had 6 knockouts in ONE game.

Anyone going to Vegas?

you can get some poker lessons from a WSoP Main event champ for $1000/hr.

Yeti, i figure you might want to do it.

Jamie Gold? LMAO - he’d have to pay me to sit at the same table as him.

Courtesy Bump Game in about 80 minutes


11.ghost (tie)
11. Crane (tie)
10. Texcat
9. Yeti
8. Fubbs
7. Ast
6. Frosty
5. Mental
4. Mensa
3. Root
2. Missy

  1. Dag


1 Dag Otto 84.4
2 MentalGuy 75.3
3 Frosted Glass 67.9
4 notfrommensa 52.2
5 MissTake 48.9
6 Gray Ghost 47.5
7 Craneop2 28.6

I just thought we should link to the thread that inspired the title for this quarter.

Also, I forgot who was talking about Vegas during the Annular Eclipse but I just found out that my friends and I are doing our bday weekend out there on May 20th too!

That was me, Frosty. Here is the Google interactive map on NASA’s site to help you plan accordingly. The eclipse will happen on late Sunday afternoon, May 20th, so you may need to book Sunday night in Vegas or somewhere on the way home depending on your residence. I am spending the 19th and 20th at the M Resort which is on the VERY south side of Vegas…my idea is to drive to a park in St. George, Utah to watch it. I’m still looking for a park with a good West/NorthWest view of the horizon since the Sun will be 11 degrees above the horizon at Maximum Eclipse. I also am going to bring my 8" Dob with solar filter…anyone at the park will be more than welcome to have a look while I am there.

Edit - I may change venue if the weather/cloud cover is better North of Vegas (maybe Caliente, NV?) if St. George isn’t ideal…but I do prefer I-15 over U.S. Highway 95. Also there is in IN-N-OUT just a couple of miles north of St. George…I think it will be our dinner for the night.

I may consider spending the day if I get an early start from Vegas in Zion NP and then see the eclipse in St. George on the way back…although Zion would be awesome to see the eclipse, there might be issues trying to see it in the bottom of a canyon.