Hell hath gone Green......SDMB Poker, 2nd Qtr., 2012

This is the “official” SDMB thread for 2nd quarter, 2012 at PokerStars.
Here is last quarter’s thread, where Green Hell pretty much approached the Carnot Limit in his few appearances last quarter, making the most of those appearances, therefore Hell hath gone Green. Grats, you green bastid.

Now we will just copy and paste.

For those in the know, this is the thread for our second quarter of 2012.

For those not in the know, there is a group of us from the SDMB that play poker online every Thursday night at 10 Eastern/9 Central.

We will continue to play on PokerStars using the “Home Game” club that was announced here. The games are still free.

If you would like to join us, then follow the steps below:

  1. Go to www.pokerstars.com and download the software.
  2. Send a PM to MentalGuy(me) to have him send you the invitation code (it is no longer cecilville).
  3. After installing the software, find the Home Games tab.
  4. Click on “Join a Poker Club”
  5. Enter 42585 as the number of the club to find.
  6. Enter the invitation code sent to you by MentalGuy.
  7. Wait for MentalGuy to approve you. (He will do it as soon as possible.)

This should make you a member of “MentalGuy’s poker club.” Once you are there, you should have no problem finding the tournaments.

The Thursday night game is our “official” game that Oslo Ostragoth keeps the standing for each quarter, but we often have additional games. Oslo often schedules a pot-limt hold’em/omaha event on Saturday nights and several players like to play an occasional Badugi tournament. If there is a game you would like scheduled or a certain time you would like to play, just let us know and we should be able to accomodate you.

We also usually have chat going on AIM while we play (there is a chat window at the table, but AIM allows a bit more freedom and does not get interrupted with hand descriptions).

If you join us, we would appreciate it if you fill out your information on this spreadsheet. This helps us keep players straight with their doper and AIM handles.

On my netbook, the .com software doesn’t work - I had to download from pokerstars.net - the no-cash software for USA players.

Mine program worked fine, just now. But I have no idea what version I have.

Might it be fun to run either a cumulative play money winnings, or cumulative profit, ranking list for the quarter, along with the standard formula ranking each week ? (or disregard if this was considered in the past but not done, or is too much hassle, etc.)

At one point, we ran our own poker server using software we purchased (can’t remember the name). It was easy to reset everyone to the same bankroll at the beginning of each quarter. We’d have to make more of an effort to keep track of it now.

For that matter, even though it’s all play money on PokerStars, what happens if I start to run out?

I don’t know if this easiest way, but you can replenish play money by going to a play money table and clicking on the dealer tray.

The software keeps track of average points per quarter, ‘knockouts’, and games played. I haven’t seen where it keeps track of play money won, but it certainly tells you if you’ve won chips when you get knocked out or win. Anyone know how to get at that data?

It’d be interesting if we did it that way—incorporated a “bubble” to our strategy.

Thursday tournament bump-edy, bump. Starts at 7:05 PM Pacific, lasts about 1.25-1.5 hours. Everyone is invited to play; just follow the instructions in Yeti’s post.

I don’t see any place in the club standing on PokerStars where it keeps track of money won. Looking at the tourney info, though, each tourney has a $109 play money entry fee with $100 going to the pot and $9 going to the “house”. Any tourney with between 6 and 15 players (which all of ours were last quarter) pays off the top three places at 50%, 30%, and 20% of the prize pool. So with that information it was fairly easy to go back and figure up the net amount won by each player. So for last quarter, the money won/lost rankings were as follows:

  1. GrayGhost (13 games) $1903
  2. Yeticus Rex(9 games) $1229
  3. GreenHell (3 games) $813
  4. MentalGuy (12 games) $532
  5. Dag Otto (12 games) $242
  6. MrDuality (3 games) $3
  7. Masershmidt (3 games) $-27
  8. FrostedGlass (11 games) $-79
  9. Bootis (9 games) $-81
  10. NotSanguine (1 game) $-109
  11. Cyberhwk (3 games) $-327
  12. BobArrgh (6 games) $-414
  13. notfrommensa (13 games) $-417
  14. RobotArm (6 games) $-434
  15. TexCat (4 games) $-436
  16. CraneOp (10 games) $-730
  17. fubbleskag (9 games) $-741
  18. MissTake (10 games) $-760
  19. Asterion (10 games) $-790
  20. Meeko (8 games) $-872

MG, do Ghosty and I get anything for perfect attendance?

Tonight’s Results:

  1. Yeti (1 goldfish)
  2. Dag (-1 goldfish)
  3. Roooooot
  4. Missy
  5. Fubbs
  6. CraneOp
  7. Sanguine
  8. TedAdorno
  9. Mensa
  10. Duality
  11. Bootis
  12. Mental
  13. BobArrgh
  14. GrayGhost
  15. Meeko

Weekly tournament bump. Instructions are in the top post.

Open to everyone.

Hmm, no results yet? AIM booted me, and then I busted. couldn’t get AOL to reload.

16 NFM
15 yeti
14 meeko
13 dag
12 MrBootis
11 MrDuality
10 Gray
9 roooooooooooooot
8 ast
7 frosty
6 MG
5 crane
4 missy
3 cyber
2 fubbs
1 sanguine

Lots of penthouse-to-outhouse movement.

Please, it’s a basement, not an outhouse.

Or as Meeko calls it, home. :smiley:

Tournament day bump.

Time to start living up to the crazy ROI I had last quarter.

Been a long time!

  1. Yeti
  2. Crane
  3. Ghosty
  4. Size12
  5. Roooooot
  6. Frosty
  7. Aster-Bot
  8. MrBootis
  9. Dagotto
  10. Mental Guy
  11. NFM

I need some gold fish


1 Dag Otto 71.2
2 MentalGuy 64.7
3 notfrommensa 64.7
4 Yeticus Rex 63.0
5 Roooooot 61.3
6 Craneop2 54.9
7 MrBootis 45.5
8 MrDuality 35.4
9 Gray Ghost 27.2

A reminder for tonight’s game.

And the money totals for the quarter:

  1. HardlySanguine (2 games) $502
  2. Yeticus Rex (3 games) $423
  3. Dag Otto (3 games) $343
  4. fubbleskg (2 games) $262
  5. notfrommensa (3 games) $223
  6. Cyberhwk (1 game) $131
  7. MentalGuy (3 games) $3
  8. RobotArm (3 games) $-27
  9. MissTake (2 games) $-58
  10. Maserschmidt (1 game) $-109
  11. BobArrgh (1 game) $-109
  12. Meeko (1 game) $-109
  13. FrostedGlass (2 games) $-218
  14. Asterion (2 games) $-218
  15. CraneOp (3 games) $-327
  16. MrDuality (3 games) $-327
  17. Bootis (3 games) $-327
  18. GrayGhost (3 games) $-327

Tonight’s Results:

  1. Yeti
  2. Size12Wshoes
  3. Mental Guy
  4. Dag
  5. Not From Mensa
  6. Missy
  7. Ghost
  8. Crane
  9. Asterion
  10. Bootis
  11. Fubbs