Come on, pander to the insomniac!

There is far too little activity going on here between the hours of 3:30 and 6:30 am EST.

I know this because on the many nights where my procrastinating carbon-based self has stayed up to witness to the glory of little sleep, there’s just not too much going on.

What in the persnickity names of the dieties of the minor Arcana is wrong with you people?

It’s a lovely time to peruse the boards! The server is nice and zippy, barring that 4:30-4:35 blackout. People who get little sleep are more prone to posting things which are embarassing, lurid, and likely to hide in a corner until one unprovoked day when they take a bite out of their posterior, which will invariably be interestingly-shaped by many hours of sitting at a computer.

Besides, the sunrise is lovely and not seen enough by the bleary-eyed.

All I’m asking is that you stay up once and awhile for the common good. It’s noble. And afternoon naps are better anyway.

I completely agree!

It gets dull here at night sometimes! I am here all night five nights a week. I need some excitement!

Come on, people! Stay up late for a change!

Umm …

I gotta go .


The board does seem to run at its peak between those hours.

I’ll be here for you 'round that time if you want me andy… That is about the same time I start work, so I don’t have anything important to do then anyway… So, tell me, what do you want to talk about?

I want to talk about how candy bars are analogous to different religions.

Chique says that Hershey bars are like Quakers. (Plain, unadorned.) I prefer to see them as Catholics- the base from which Protestantism and all of it’s variations (i.e., fillings) came from.


Hmmm… interesting point of view, but I don’t think I can give you an honest opinion to that, not being familiar with Hershey bars. However, from what you tell me, Hershey bars are a basic set of chocolate, in which case I think they mostly resemble the Amish. If you want to talk catholicism, taste the Magnum Dark ice cream. Big, fat, lush and corrupting as hell, with an covering of honest to good dark chocolate that everyone knows will give you spots and make you sick.

Actually, religion is like a box of chocolates…

…and you can only pick one…

…and the little chart that tells you what’s inside each one is missing…

…and so you have to make a choice based on what other people tell you is the right one, or by picking the same kind your friends and family pick, or by judging by what the chocolate swirly bit on top looks like, or by guessing and hoping for the best…

…and in the end you don’t know whether you’ve picked the right one until you’ve bitten it, and then it’s too late.

[sub]“Gosh, what’s that, Sarge?” “It’s a metaphor, kid. And from the looks of it, it’s been beaten to death. Better look away, kid, it’s not a pretty sight.”[/sub]



[sub]* The sound of andy falling asleep behind her monitor [/sub]

I did not fall asleep behind my monitor. I went to bed, thank you very much. [sub]for twenty minutes…[/sub]

And then there was class, where I kept on thinking about nougat as a metaphor for existentialism.


Okay, so this thread is a little behind and since it’s night I thought I would revive it.

A couple of ideas for your next insomniac night…try that stuff called Alluna (or go for the cheaper stuff, it’s basically Valerian Root and Hops.) It seems to help the sleeping impaired.

Another remedy is warm milk with about 11-12 anise seeds in it (just drop the seeds in there before you nuke or heat it on the stove.) The combination of the anise and the warm milk hhas some kind of chemical reaction I guess to better the effects and your milk (especially if the thought of warm milk scares you) has a mild licorice flavor, it actually tastes okay.

Anyhow, I agree, the late night SDMB session are surely more productive and more fun because one can actually access a thread without getting up, taking a pee, watering the plants only to come back and it’s still trying to load.

I do appreciate the suggestions, tc. I have become one with my sleeplessness, however. It gives me great ideas (well… great at the time) on the most random things.

I mean… aren’t fundamentalist Christians just like salted nut rolls? AREN’T THEY?

Then again, maybe I should just go to bed.

Actually, I’ve always kind of seen Fundamentalist Christians as jawbreakers myself.

And Pagans have to be a big bag of mixed wrapped candy–preferable with only one piece of each kind.

But oh, dear, who are the Circus Peanuts? I hope they don’t come door to door!

Oh, hell no…

go eat a Salted nut roll.
Go eat a fundy (freakinGAck)
now, are they the same?

Well, I guess this proves how bored I am…

**Jews = Hershey Bars: ** They were the ones that truly started it all. Plus they’re Kosher.

**Catholics = Big Hunk: ** they’ve got a lot of mass (:rimshot:)

Lutheran = Baby Ruth: Marten Luther? Babe Ruth? 99% of the world have no idea where either name came from.

**Buddhists = Mounds: ** Just chant it slowly. Moooooounds. Moooooounds. Soothing, huh? Plus, if the mounds are good, in their next life they’ll come back as Almond Joys.

Televangelists = Payday: ‘nuff said.

**Fundies = Baking chocolate: ** They’re really bitter. The only way to even tolerate them is to dump a cup load of sugar on them and even then, they never see the light.

**Shakers = nerds: ** in their Heyday, they were really quite popular, but nowadays they’re a dying breed. Jiggle their box and they make a funny sound.

Zoroastrians = Hershey’s Hugs.

**Mormons = M&Ms: ** You can own a lot of them and no one looks at you funny. Plus they don’t melt out in the desert.

Wicans = Nature bars.

Agnostics = ‘nilla wafers: They don’t look too kindly on those chocolate junkies. The cookie center is good enough for them. Plus, once you’re done eating one, you’re really not sure whether you ate it or not.

mighty curious about the Zoroastrians=H Hugs thing…
The shape, it can’t be, cause then it coulda just been kisses…

I would love to post here in the wee hours of the morning.

However, as my internet access is currently hindered by having to share a machine in my parents’ bedroom with five other people . . . :slight_smile:

I promise to post later at school next week, andy.

Ladies, gentlemen, and soul-sucking demons of the night, I am pleased to report that at 6:45 this morning I completed my linguistics final paper.


2 1/2 tins of (need I mention peppermint?) Altoids
5 mocha coffee drinks
3 bottles of water
1 Reese’s peppermint patty

I am so proud. And I even did it with 10 hours to spare.

Two days until Quietgirl!

[sub] now pardon me while I pass out…[/sub]