Come on, people--"The Awful Truth" is worthy of its own thread.

I know we’re a little Chicked out right now, since we just did Mean Momma. But come on–The Awful Truth is Chick at the top of this game.

I hardly know where to start. First we have the strange spectacle of Adam being “fired” as ruler of . . . what? Two people and some animals? At least he got that spiffy Fred Flintstone outfit as severance.

Then we have God “finding a friend”, as if he and Abraham were pounding brews at the corner fermentation vat. It’s hard to meet people when you’re the Supreme Being.

Finally, we veer off into anti-Catholicism so intense and paranoid as to defy belief. Who knew that Nazism was a plot to make the world Catholic?

This kicks ass.

Meh. Unlike the other one, this isn’t anything I haven’t heard before. The first two things you mention are really basic Christianity retold in a kid-friendly style. The last part is the same thing I’ve read hundreds of times before.

Yeah, up thru page 10, I thought “Wow- I could actually hand this out- if it didn’t have Chick’s name on it, of course.”

Then came the Catholic fixation! Oy!

G re God & Abraham.

Re Who knew Naziism was a Catholic plot?

Well, people who’ve been reading Chick for the last 30 years.

And to those who ask “FriarTed, you’ve been reading Chick for 30 years?”

No. Of course not… 40 years. SIGH!!!

Wow! Who knew that Catholics assassinated BOTH Lincoln AND Kennedy? And are secret Nazis to boot?

Does Mr. Chick think that Catholics shoot invisible rays into his brain at night, unless he wears his foil hat?

OMG! A new Crusaders full-size comic!!!

And the title?


I though this thread would be a very belated one about Michael Moore…

Those priests in the Spanish Civil War sure were devoted to get tortured and killed by their Communist servants, all to further the cause of [del]Marxism[/del] [del]Catholicism[/del] Satanism.

Dumb question, but is he riffing on Pinky and the Brain in the first channel? Or is that a parody of something else (besides Orson Welles). If so, he’s caught up to 90s culture!

The “bunch of false gods” scene is great. Still thinks Catholics “worship” Mary. Then there’s Baphomet, a creation of the 11th century and probably never worshiped by anyone (although Chick and Dan Brown probably think so).

So the Roman Empire fell apart, THEN it became 100 AD? And are Constantine, Theodosius, et al., counted among Satan’s Caesars?

Re: Jesus’ siblings. Do most mainstream or even evangelical protestants actually believe he had any? I wasn’t aware that was a major theological issue, but Jack always surprises. Also, Catholics are evil for using words like “popes” and “nuns” because they aren’t in the scriptures. Good thing Protestants don’t use any new words

The Catholic plot against Lincoln has been a CT almost since the assassination itself.

I never heard that one, nor the one about the JFK assassination.

Sorry, I can’t get behind any anti-Roman Catholic Chicking that doesn’t have a reference to the Death Cookie.

[del]Haw Haw Haw[/del] Regards,

It’s hard to remain afraid of Satan in frames where you can see his teletubby lower body.

It does have a “wafer God”, though.

There is the wafer god in the panel with all the false gods that were worshipped. Close enough, no?

Must learn to refresh prior to posting…

I’m a bit confused by the syntax in the Kennedy-Oswald frame:

The antecedents are difficult to follow. It sounds like the tract is claiming that ex-Jesuit priest Alberto Rivera was the one who brought Oswald to Texas…

The big “evidence” they use for the Lincoln one is that after the assassination, John Surrat went up to Quebec, where he was hidden for a while by a Catholic priest, and then went to Rome, where he served in the Papal Zouaves for a while before being recognized by an American and then extradited back to the US to stand trial.

It’s pretty much all Charles Chiniquy stuff, though…the “Jesuit plot” to murder Lincoln.

IIRC Catholics claim that Mary was a virgin until the end of her days, though the gospels explicitly mention Jesus as having siblings. Various rationalizations exist as to how they weren’t really siblings (adopted, from a previous wife of Joseph, etc.).

In the Protestant church I went to as a kid it wasn’t an issue, and I only became aware of the Catholic view a few years back (through Kevin Smith movies, no less). Not sure if there’s a general consensus among Protestants on this.

Many Protestants hold that Joseph & Mary did indeed have children, but Luther, Calvin & Wesley all held to the Perpetual Virginity of Mary, so I’m not sure how common that belief is in Lutheran, Calvinist & Wesleyan circles.

Re The RCC Conspiracy against Lincoln

From 1922-

From 1891-

The full-size Chick comic of the latter-

So on one hand, “Pope Paul III commissioned Loyola’s murderous Jesuits to stop the Reformation. They are still working on it” - well, then they’re doing a really bad job in stopping it.

So why should I “wake up” and believe that Rome plays a political game and will stop at nothing to gain control? Stopping at nothing surely would involve more forceful measures, esp. considering how the revelation of the abuse scandals recently has turned people away.

I mean, the Jesuits didn’t even try to assassinate Luther or Calvin - a few heretics were burned, like Hus (so don’t trust Rome when promising free travel), but in general, Rome stopped at drastic measures to get power.

I may have my own issues with the church, but his religious hatred foams like a Mento in a Pepsi bottle. I wish there was a word for it… ramps up the new word machine Hmmm… Anti-Cathite? Nah, sounds too medical.
That, and I’d never want to exempt Jack Chick from having pipes jammed up his pee-bits…