Come Play Risk With Us

There are a bunch of us playing at Conquer Club We have an opem game, # 2324822, a private game with the password sdmb
Won’t you come join us?

How long do you guys play?

The turns take up to 24 hours per, so a game can last weeks, but usually lasts a few days or so. Once you register there, go to the instructions section. It has 5 subsections that explains everything. There are 8, I think, maybe 7, of us who have been playing on that site since January. Personally, I love it.

nm. I got curious and joined.


Yay! The game has begun!

Oh, hey. Far out. I’ll be right over.

I signed up on the site (as “twickster,” of course), but don’t see how to join the game. I guess it’s started already?

Sounds fun, I will sign up. I love risk.

I signed up for an account, but it looks like I shouldn’t join a game until I get back from vacation. But I will join in then.

Not to worry - I’ll set up another one over the weekend

Your turn Anyrose.
I always tend to be online around 12-2am EST, so that’s most likely the times that I’ll be taking my turn unless I’m just bored and lurking on the Risk Boards, as this site looks really fun!

Also, pollux oil is a member there now too, as I introduced him to this site.

One thing about this CC site - you must have patience.

New game open at Conquer Club , # 2366432, a private game with the password sdmb. Won’t you come join us? There’s room for 5 players right now

I think I’m in… it’s my first time, so be gentle.

Gah, I want in, but I can only have 4 games at a time. :frowning:

So I’m stuck as I’m not dying anytime soon… or so I think. Maybe in 3 days?

I’m in on the new game as well.

We need one more player guys!!! COME! JOIN US!

…kinda starting to sound like we’re establishing The Cult of Risk.

Okay, I’m in. Another first-timer.

I think I understand the unlimited fortifications. Does that mean in the free move at the end of your turn you can move armies from any territory to another as long as they are linked by territories you own?

After reading the rules again, it sounds like you can do that as many times as you want.