Come see Bottomless Bob, Nature's cruelest trick

Yes, this guy actually was asked to leave a buffett for eating too much. Now he is going to compete in Japan to represent the USA in a food eating contest. I am so proud.

What is even more frightening is the Japanese boy/Nathan’s famous hot dog eating reference.

Is that one of those back/belly braces he’s wearing?

Ick. Just plain ick.

And here I thought it was a rebuttal to Monty Python’s “A Man With Three Buttocks”.

[sub]“rebuttal” - hehehe! Good one! I kill me![/sub]

“Yarrrr, come for the freak, stay for the feast”

Thank you, demanton, I am glad someone got the reference so quickly. One of my faves.

Now, now, everyone. We all have our talents. We can’t all play classical concerti or do “Walk the Dog” with a yo-yo. This guy’s groove is that he can eat a lot. Leave him alone.

Furthermore, he’s not even fat, really, just a little big around the middle. He must exercise to keep even with all that eating.

So, he’s talented, he’s taking care of himself, and he’s going to represent the U.S. in an international competition. This guy’s just like Michelle Kwan or Jesse Owens, and y’all are making fun of him! For shame!

I was just wondering if he will be able to take the “Wafer thin mint”?


It’s the Kobayashi Maru, the unwinnable scenario!

Wasn’t this a “Simpsons” episode? Homer sues a restaurant for kicking him out of their All You Can Eat buffet? I even remember Lionel Hutz taking the case . . .

:confused: Whudd I miss?

Times like these make me so proud to be an American.

OK, I guess this guy’s the expert, but whenever I go without in anticipation of a big meal, my stomach just shrinks and I wind up with eyes bigger than my stomach. Which is usually a good thing for me, but it seems like a backfire for him.

There is only one man who could win this!

Yes, Eve, Homer went into Pegleg Pete’s seafood buffett and was finally tossed. Lionel Hutz (who else?) represented Homer, Marge was embarrassed to testify, and in the end they compromised. The final scnee is Homer eating in the front window display, and Pegleg Pete standing in front like a carnival barker, “Come see Bottomless Homer, Nature’s cruelest trick! Come for the freak, stay for the feast” or somesuch.

[Pegleg Pete]
Yarrghh, its hairnets for the lot of ye!
[/Pegleg Pete}

Not too many Simpsons references get past me.

I have been noticing that alot of stories from fark have been showing up on the SDMB. Guess that means that some of us have lives outside of Cecilville.
[Lionel Hutz]Mr. and Mrs. Simpson, your case could be just the thing to help me rebuild my shattered legal career. Care to join me in a belt of scotch?[Hutz]

[Marge Simpson]But it’s 9 o’clock in the morning![Marge]

[Hutz]I know, but I haven’t slept in days. glug glug glug Ohhhhh, that’s the stuff.[Hutz]

demanton, actually, I pulled that from the St. Petersburg Times, *Local Boy Does Good * kind of story, you know. Probably no small coincidence that The News of the Wierd is based in St. Pete.

PS Love your sig!

Ferggie, I am with you on that one, but he’s the expert.

[Lynal Hutz]
“Do these sound like the actions of a man who’s had all he can eat?”
[/Lynal Hutz]

The jury at that trial was wonderful.


Aye, 'tis not a man. 'Tis a remorseless eating machine!

This is the most blatent case of false advertising since my suit against the film The Never-Ending Story.

True, but only one girl could last 15 minutes, 35 seconds…

jayjay (running from all MSTies worldwide)