Comey's election intervention, the full story

The Washington Post has the best article I’ve yet read on the full story behind the FBI Director’s intervention in the election.

It shows how it may have been Bill Clinton himself who set in motion the chain of events which led in the opinion of many to Hillary’s defeat.

Lynch didn’t recuse herself from the case but deliberately stepped back from it. It’s certain that otherwise she would have not left the vacuum which Comey filled when he made his statement, which was an unprecedented move by a government official to risk making a statement that could influence the outcome of an election. Bill Clinton’s carelessness may well have indirectly cost his wife the Presidency.

Much more detail in the link.

Comey has just received his 30 pieces of silver.

Comey was screwed no matter which door he chose. Had he spoken a crook would get into the White House, and had he kept quiet a crook would get into the White House.
And he would get the blame forever no matter what.

Not getting fired is not 30 pieces of silver. Sorry. From your own link:

Aside from Comey, I can’t help but think how many ways that this whole debacle could have been headed off.

If Clinton agreed to use a State Department email address, as it seems all her Cabinet-mates did, there would be no investigation; if Huma Abedin had divorced that son-of-bitch Weiner, the laptop would probably have not been part of the child porn investigation; if Joe Biden had run, I think there’s a 50/50 chance that he would have gotten the nomination; etc etc.

Biden would have won the nomination and the general. Unfortunately, he went along with the idea that it was Hillary’s turn.

As for Lynch’s meeting with Bill Clinton, I don’t think it was so significant. If, indeed, Lynch could have put the kibosh on the announcement from Comey, it’s her own fault for not doing so.

Yeah, it sure was lucky his son died of brain cancer just in time for a good excuse not to run.

Interesting times we’re living in.

I’m very sure that there is no possible way Trump could have ever, ever found a way to get rid of an FBI director he did not like. It’s just not possible, right?

Trump doesn’t hate him, therefore he gave him 30 pcs of silver? Yeah, that makes sense. :dubious:

He also dealt with the minor issue of just having buried his own son, but whatever.

Of course it’s possible. Right there in my quote box it’s mentioned the President could fire him. But not getting fired is hardly some betrayal begotten bounty. The guy’s salary would probably go up by 10X if he was forced into the private sector. And on the other side, you’re expecting Trump to fire Mr Stand Up Righteous guy and start an extra nomination process as default, if it weren’t for having to pay Comey off with his current job.

Sometimes people do things that don’t actually make sense. As I’ve said, I have previously held Mr Comey in some esteem, in my endless hunt for the Honest Conservative. In the first instance, he was charged with a mission which he fulfilled, he determined that there was no reasonable case to bring. His editorial comments on her habits and character were not part of his duty. And I think he added those to give the Republicans as much as he could. He couldn’t give them what they really wanted, so he sweetened it, a bit. Esteem lowered.

But then this silly horseshit with the dick-pic laptop? What, he didn’t know that the timing of the thing stunk of interference? He didn’t read any of those protocols about avoiding just such a situation? He knew what he was doing, and did it anyway. Yuck-o-rama!

However, is he the worst bucket of pond scum in the Trump admin.? Not even close. Might as well keep, Goddess alone know who we might get to replace him. Flat tire is better than a busted axle.

Biden wouldn’t have won the nomination. It wasn’t just him going along with the idea that it was Hillary’s turn - the entire Democratic Party had the notion that it was Hillary’s turn. He would have been trying to steal the nomination from the first woman president. And he wouldn’t have beaten her in the African American community (which is a lot more important than lower middle class whites in Democratic primaries).

In retrospect, with Clinton having been dragged down with all her issues, Biden looks like the better candidate. But he wasn’t that at the time.

Biden might have won the general. Certainly he appeals more to the blue collar guys who tilted the mid-west states to Trump. OTOH, Biden is something of a goofball himself. People laugh indulgently about it when he’s not running for anything anyway, but it would have been more of an issue had he ran.

His point was that he did not find that she had not committed any crime. To the contrary, he found that she had committed a crime. However, it was a crime which was rarely ever prosecuted, so he was using prosecutorial discretion in not prosecuting. In that context, he properly explained his reasoning.

[Beyond this, the notion that prosecutors don’t comment on non-criminal aspects of the case seems dubious to me. As one example, the DA in the Sandusky case cleared Paterno of any legal liability but excoriated him on moral grounds. I don’t recall anyone commenting on this being improper.]

He was not charged with “prosecuting”. That was specifically and explicitly someone else’s charge, as he referenced himself. He made the determination, with the unanimous agreement of his supporting staff, that it was unreasonable to expect charges to be brought by a prosecutor. He wasn’t obliged to say more than that, he did it because he wanted to.

What that has to do with the Sandusky case eludes me.

No idea what point you’re making, sorry. ETA: Lynch effectively delegated the prosecution decision to him, as outlined in the OP of this thread.

You mean this part? He was obliged to decide whether is should be referred to a prosecutor, not to be the prosecutor.

OK, but he was making the decision on whether Clinton should be prosecuted or not. (Which is what a DA might be doing, in other situations.)

Well, no. He wasn’t making the decision. He was making a recommendation based on his investigation and he made his recommendation at a press conference. The Justice Department decides.

Read post #16.