Comfy sandals for men

Bass makes a very well padded sandal - no real support, so not great for lots of walking / standing, but for usual hanging-around kind of stuff they’re great.

Birks are great - my podiatrist actually recommended them for support - but I found that after a few years with them, they were contributing to a problem with tailor’s bunionettes (like a bunion but on the little-toe side). Most likely due to the shape of my particular foot, but since the footbed curves up around the foot it was apparently putting just enough pressure on that join.

Your post lead me to googling Bunionetts, which popped up a google image return of bunions. Including the rainbow spectrum of bunions 1/4 down this page…

and holy shit!! I thought I had some fairly messed up feet, but I had no idea how bad they can get . Is that right most one the results of footbinding?