Comic Book Characters You Would Have Sex With

I wasn’t sure is this should be the same as Cartoon Characters You Would Have Sex With. None of mine have ever been cartoons:

John Constantine from “Hellblazer”

Dream from “Sandman”

Cassidy from “Preacher”
Actually I think I’ve HAD sex with Cassidy.
If you know the books, those are a pretty go indication of my taste in men. Have I been in a lot of self-distructive relationships? Why yes I have, why do you ask :)?

If we are going on looks alone, than it’s easy. Just about any female member of the X-Men, especially Storm. I would also have sex with Blondie, Dagwood’s wife.

God aren’t you people tired of these fictional character ‘boink’ threads? They’ve been done and done and redone and then done a couple more times. And no one cares what anyone else says, they just list the same old recycled ones that everyone always puts or occasionally someone will try to be original and post one that no one has ever heard of. This shit was cute at first, and it’s something we’ve all thought about, but after this many threads concerning it, one begins to ask hisself: Who the fuck cares?

Amen, Cisco.

Well excuse me!

I suppose this has been done and done. I don’t know. I haven’t done it before.

And if you’re so put off by it why don’t you bother “Cartoon Characters I Would Sleep With” instead of my poor little baby thread?

I did, right up near the top. :stuck_out_tongue:

Little Lulu!

You sure about this? Good Things do NOT tend to happen to Dream’s lovers…

Wonder Woman. Catwoman. Both very sensuously drawn.

Lara Croft. Yes, she has her own comic book now.

Either of Spider Jerusalem’s “filthy assistants” from Transmetropolitan.

Somebody mentioned Druuna, the Italian comic-book space sex queen, over in the “sex with cartoons” thread. But, I don’t know if she has been a cartoon.

So, my #1 would be Druuna.

Best of all, she is sometimes drawn actually having sex. (Was that in “Mandragore”? Too hot for Heavy Metal magazine–some pages were snipped out.) Helps your visualization.

My wife’s name is Lulu, and she’s little too!

Well, did you see what I wrote about self-destuctive relationships?

None of those guys are a good idea :).