Comic Book Covers -- Any "Risque" Art Ever Get Sneaked Past the Censors?

Perhaps “censors” is not the proper term, but it gets my question across. Many of us geeks are familiar with the famous C3P0 trading card which may or may not show a rather John Holmesian sized golden tool attached to the droid, or the baseball card where the word “fuck” is written (iirc) on the bat of a player (Cal Ripken?). Disney movie posters also supposedly showed body parts hidden in the art.

Or magazine covers – Al Gore’s apparent endowment from the cover of (again, iirc) “Rolling Stone” from around 2000 springs to mind.

So are there any examples of naughty humor that found its way onto the covers of comic books (or interior art), something kids (or middle-aged people without a clue) would never notice, but that we may chuckle about years later?

Sir Rhosis

Google image search “Lobo, arm”

Oh, all the time! Here’s the latest from just this week:

Heroes For Hire #13

^^Oh, I’m aware that nowadays you can draw anything.

Yeah, the Lobo’s arm is more what I was looking for, and though I didn’t mention it, I was looking for stuff a little older, back when you literally had to sneak them past the front office. Back when comics were just seen as innocent kid stuff (well, except for that Wertham fellow and a few concerned MOA).

Sir Rhosis

You mean like this? :smiley:

Well, one of them was “The Man of Steel.” :smiley:

Sir Rhosis

Alex Ross has snuck a couple things past his editors on occasion. On the cover of Alan Moore’s Top 10 #1, the characters are depicted leaping from above, and the central figure is a girl whose cutoff T-shirt is being blown up just enough to expose her breast. Additionally, while she and every other character is looking toward the bottom of the panel, the one lesbian character in the series is staring directly at her.

Early in his career, Ross also did the artwork for the **Terminator: The Burning Earth ** series by Now Comics. When the company abruptly declared bankruptcy, leaving many of the creative team in the lurch, Ross added a brief personal editorial comment to his cover art for the last issue. If one examines the computer text in the image closely, it actually reads “NOW COMIX BLOZ.”

That was Billy Ripken, and the bat read “fuck face.” The phrase was actually written on Ripken’s bat, and neither he nor the company realized it until the card went to print. As for C-3PO, the jury’s still out.