Comic Book Fans - care to help a Doper's friend?

I used to write for an on-line DC Comics fanzine called Fanzing. Some of my fellow Fanzingers have professional ambitions in the comic-book field, and are participating in a contest called []Small]([url) Press Idol. The winner of this contest will have his/her/their work published in an anthology comic that is published by the contest’s sponsors.

The first three rounds of the contest were about the cover/pin-up art and the series concept. Now, the contest is in its last round, with each participant submitting two pages of art and story.

Any of you Doper comic fans might be interested in the contest; the entries range from funny-animal cartoons to magical fantasy to space opera to super-hero. My friends are named Michael Hutchison and Phil Meadows, and their entry is called “Metro Med”, it’s an ER-like hospital drama set in a super-hero comic world.

If this contest sounds like something you’d like to look over and vote in, please visit the link above. You can see the final-round contestants by clicking the “Round 4 - Grand Finale” link. If you’d like to read their series concepts, click the “Contestants: Round 3” link and then click on the contestant whose entry you’re interested in seeing.

If you develop enough of an interest in the various entries to form your own opinion and vote, by all means vote your preference.

However, if you don’t really care, and you’re just following this e-mail out of Doper-kinship…I’d appreciate your vote for Metro Med, by Michael Hutchison and Phil Meadows.

Thanks…and, I hope you do like what you see there!

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Here’s the link:

Small Press Idol


Your friends and some guys called Ryan Sergeant, Edward Webb and Mike Langdale - both have 25%.

We need more Dopers. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s the main competition. And worthily so, IMHO.

The more Dopers, the merrier! Thanks for helping out!

Done-There are some talented people there! And your friends have great storytelling skills. Their panel-flow is excellent! (Plus, it’s a non-obvious concept…which I like!) :slight_smile:


I thought I was voting but I got a screen back that said I had to be logged into the forum. So maybe I voted, maybe not. :o

Right, you need to register in order to be able to vote. Sorry, I figured that would be self-evident on the site. Thanks!

I’m not generally a thread-bumper, but I’m bumping this to mention that if anyone had read the OP and was planning to vote but just hadn’t gotten around to it yet, the voting deadline is July 11 (inclusive - no more votes beginning July 12).

My friends’ entry, thanks to lobbying efforts similar to this, is closing in fast on the leaders…

Thank you all very much!

Chaim Mattis Keller

Update: My friends won…by a margin of two votes! Thanks to all of you who voted, every one counted!

Look for Metro Med, by Michael Hutchison and Phil Meadows, to hit the comic shops soon.

(Thread resurrected with permission from the Mods)

It’s been a tough road, but publication of Metro Med is finally in sight. (Scroll down a little, just under the “Planet X” blurb). A sincere thank-you to all Dopers who participated, and if you’ll be at Wizard World Chicago, stop by the Shooting Star comics table, pick up a copy, and tell them cmkeller sent you!