comic book series you'd like to see get animated

Agreed to the style, but to accommodate WATCHMEN’S length and intricacy, it needs to be a six-hour miniseries at a minimum.

Druuna. :slight_smile:

’Mazing Man

Druuna AND 'Mazing Man? Where have you people been all my life?

I’d be a little concerned how they animated Ebony White and moreso how how he sounded than how he’ll look (because of course they’d tone that down.) Personally I think they should make him sound like a pint-sized Rochester from the Jack Benny Show, modify his facial features to look more like Walt Kelly’s Bumbazine.

Genndy Tartakovsky adapts Frank Miller’s RONIN, for the obvious SAMURAI JACK parallels, right up to the Aku/Agat and Ronin/Jack similarities and the fact it takes place in… the… future. Hmm… theft, analog or homage? Doesn’t matter! God, I miss that cartoon.

Hey, here’s a thought… Jim Henson’s Muppets adapts Jeff Smith’s BONE saga.