comic book series you'd like to see get animated

I have always hoped somebody at Cartoon Network or elsewhere would get the bright idea to adapt “Dr. Strange” as an animated series. The stories and general ‘look’ for the series would be taken from the original, classic Steve Ditko stories. Yeah, I Know, Dr. Strange is not one of Marvel’s more prominent characters, but neither was Aquaman a popular DC character until he got a cartoon of hise own. And just imagine an animated version of Strange’s trip to Dormammu’s realm! IMO, Ditko’s artwork had a particularly fluid style that suggested lots of motion, and the fact that Strange invokes eerie chanting spells (a vocal component that would work better in animated form) makes me think that this would be a natural for cartoon adaptation. There are also a wealth of visually stunning characters that would not fit into a “Spider-Man” or “X-Men” cartoon that would be naturals for a Dr. Strange cartoon - Eternity, the Living Tribunal, Agatha Harkness, Mephisto, etc. Additionally, the series could possibly work in a two- or three-episode story arc per season involving the Defenders – and have the Hulk, Sub-Mariner and Valkyrie guest star. I can’t believe it’s never been done (to my knowledge at any rate.)

What other characters or teams do you think’d be fit for animating, but haven’t gotten a shot?

Ambush Bug, dagnabbit!

I’d like to see a Preacher cartoon - though I suspect that Nickelodeon would have some reservations about it.

A real Hellboy series done with Mike Mignola’s style would be just the awesomest. I’m excited at the prospect of Amazing Screw-On Head, which I’d heard rumored was going to be a series.

The J.M. DeMatteis/Shawn McManus version of Dr. Fate would make a cool animated series. It was like a superhero sitcom that wasn’t completely idiotic.

And the Andy Helfer/Kyle Baker version of The Shadow. Partly because it’d be a neat ongoing adventure series, partly because it’d just be cool to see animation done in Baker’s style.

Hell, SHOWTIME would have some reservations about it.

Still, it would be cool.
I’d like to see Astro City and Transmetropolitan.

FANTASTIC FOUR 1-6. Nuff said!

Jeff Smith’s BONE.

Frank Miller’s BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS using the SIN CITY movie technique of using all the dialogue and treating the source material artwork as a storyboard.

Maybe if they animated LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN we’d wind up with a version I’d actually enjoy.

… and while it’d never, ever, ever, ever happen: Alan Moore’s entire MIRACLEMAN run.

There’s been no suggestion made so far I wouldn’t watch at least once just to check it out.

Phil Foglio’s Girl Genius series has Giant Airship Fortresses, Steam-Powered Robot War Machines, Death Rays, et al, all set in a world run by Mad Scientists.

And the leading character is babe-a-licious!

Mentioned so far that I agree with a lot:

Astro City

A few others I’d like to see:

JSA (current series, although the currently in-continuity ‘original’ team would be cool, too).
Starman (Based on the Robinson series.)
Courtney Crumrin


The Ultimates might be interesting. Parents groups might not like it, though. (Not that that’s a bad thing…unless you’re trying to sell airtime.)

The original Lobo mini-series, but not the Lobo seen on the Superman toon from the 90’s.

It would definitely have to be on HBO or some such channel.

I’d like to see a Legion cartoon, but based more on the Levitz/Giffen eras than the current one.

Although with a group that big, they would have to make a kind of core group to have quite a bit and then the others would make occasional appearances (sort of like Justice League Unlimited does).

Elfquest. I’ve been waiting for that one for 20 years now.

while it’d be amazingly complex to do properly, a Legion of Superheroes cartoon would be cool, especially if you wrote the thing with enough seasons to eventually segue into the ‘five years later’ period. But the sheer size of the Legion would make it difficult. (it’d be cool if it was set in the same universe as the Batman, Superman and Justice League universe).

or… (I’ve said it before) Alien Legion. That’d be just so damn cool! With Kevin Conroy (Batman:TAS) doing a nice east-end London accented Jugger Grimrod (Jugger CAN’T have an american accent, please!!!).

Isn’t Hellboy already in development with a Japanese studio? I thought Studio4°C were working on it (I could have the studio wrong and I don’t have a cite handy).

heh, sorry Odineye, I didn’t refresh before posting. Fortunately my LSH post looks like a response to yours. :smiley: (I’m such a dork).

Personally, I’d rather see the post-Zero Hour version of the Legion to the pre-ZH.

A couple of my favourite characters - XS, Kinetix, Gates - existed only there, and I like the post-ZH versions of Chuck Taine and Tenzil Kem.

(Put Emerald Vi in quickly to allow her to have her full range of powers, and possibly using the post-Terrorform version of Sensor (but not Kinetix…poor Kinetix shouldn’t be made into a Terrorform…and she should keep the tail once she gets it!))

Sandman, with Johnny Depp as the inspiration for Morpheus.


I’m probably alone in that. Anybody even know what I’m talking about?

(I was gonna say Rick Veitch’s “The One”… about as ‘underground’ my comics ever got)

Ever see the horrible designs Nelvanna created for that proposal?
:eek: :eek: :eek: