What other DC superhero property would you like to see as "THE ANIMATED SERIES" ?

We’ve had Batman, Superman and the Justice League.

What other hero or team should get a Paul Dini style animated series?

I’d love to see the Green Lantern Corp. There are a lot of opportunities to explore the galactic side of the DCU.

Speaking of exploring the galaxy, how about a Starman: TAS cartoon?

Green Lantern, definitely.
Wouldn’t mind a Dr. fate series, either.

I wonder how a Wonderwoman series would work out, though (to round out the Big 3)

The Metal Men. C’mon, DC, do something with them.

Ambush Bug.

I thought of another one: JSA: TAS.

I’d kinda like to see Supergirl reach the full flower of womanhood.

As well as a few lesbian twin scenes with Galatea, who would try to establish dominance but get beaten down to wearing a collar and leash.

Ahem. Uh, Green Lantern… sure.

Aquaman, just to piss off some folks. :wink:

And Green Lantern.

The Legion.

The Demon deserves his own series.

Seconding JSA - either classic or current roster. Taken out of the DCAU continuity since the JSA has been folded into the JLU.

Starman (Jack - would work well with a compromise between the Batman and Superman/Justice League styles.).

The Sandman (Wes, not Morpheus - would do well with B:TAS’s sensibility.)

The Teen Titans.

Done right, darn it.

Aquaman had his own cartoon series for a year in the 70s, but it was cancelled because nobody likes hims.

I want to see the black Green Lantern get his own show. They made Green Lantern black for the new Superfriends show on Cartoon Network, and he lives in a crappy apartment in Harlem. I think there’s alot to explore there, since Black Green Lantern seems angry that he has to live in a shithole, while his friend Batman won’t even let him crash in the mansion.

Another Green Lantern vote.

Lobo. I want a fraggin’ Lobo toon ya bastiches. And not the one we saw in the Superman cartoon a few years ago.

GREAT call.

Half of me would love to see a Morrison-style Doom Patrol series but the other half knows they’d only fuck it up.

Psst. His name is John Stewart. In the animated version he was a GL in space for 10 years and before that he was in the Marines. He stays in Harlem to try to reestablish some conection with humanity, particularly the people of his old neighborhood. He comes across angry because he’s spent all of his adult life in military settings and now has to deal with “amaeturs.”

If we’re talking Dini style, Green Lantern definately. I’d like to see the current Outsiders done on Adult Swim (a some cursing, some provociative stuff, but not overdone).

or Doom Patrol
or Challengers of the Unknown

OOh yes! Doom Patrol definitely! I have to add my voice for a “Legion: TAS” show…

There’s a new Titans show? Oh my! As long as they don’t try to imitate some sort of Japanese anime style it should be pretty good! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s in development

You may thank me by sending me fine chocolates, hawt chixxors, or, failing that, cash.

Me, honestly, if they can keep pumping out the JLU at the quality they’ve been going, I’m happy.
Although a Flash show would be pretty sweet.

The Zoo Crew.

Hey, it wouldn’t be any more stupid than “Krypto the Superdog”.

I hope it is in the Dini/TAS style.