I love Justice League Unlimited

Did anybody else see this? I **loved **it. I wish I’d taped it so I could go back and freeze frame on the big group shots and identify everybody they’d assembled. It’s basically everyone who as ever in the JLA (even Detriot-era) or the JSA.

I’d like to see the rest of the episodes right now, please. :slight_smile:

I saw part of it, & it seems very promising. :slight_smile:

Darn! I forgot it was tonight… missed it… :smack:

Anyone know when they’re replaying it?

That was tonight?

Shoot. Somebody start a thread the day before 'The Man Who Has Everything" airs.

It’s on again tomorrow (Sunday) at 5 eastern. “The Man who has Everything” is on next week.



Could you tell us not-having- cable people what you’re speaking of?

It’s the replacement show for the Justice League.

In the new show, more DC characters will appear (like Green Arrow in tonight’s ep). Also, there will be fewer multi-part stories.

I almost forgot it, but I caught the last 15 minutes or so. Not bad, even if the electric guitars were a bit grating. [spoiler](And the involuntary :rolleyes: that was triggered when the tank crewman scrambled out to safety right before the monster-robot-thing death rayed him. Couldn’t show someone getting killed, after all…well, at least it wasn’t as dumb as the no-deaths law applied to the WWII episode.)

And…does Captain Atom get split open often, or was that a Kingdom Come reference? Seeing as how Teen Titans made a DKR reference a few weeks back, it wouldn’t be that surprising.[/spoiler]

I caught it by accident tonight. Not my cup of tea, but I have to admit that cartoon-wise, this is a wonderful age we live in.

Who, what, when, where, why and how about the Teen Titans part?

I am a huge fan of the Justice League and am very excited about this new incarnation. That said, I was very disappointed with tonight’s episode. I didn’t like the Green Arrow, and the story felt rushed and sort of slapped-together. I did very much enjoy catching glimpses of the superheros we’re going to meet this season. (If you want to see who they are, go here. Not all of the new animations are up, so some of them have ‘head shots’ from the comics.) It’s a really varried mix of characters.

A funny little spoiler, from the linked site, about two of the new heros (not story-related):

Hawk and Dove are a ‘superhero duo’ (one aggressive, the other peaceful, natch) voiced by Jason Hervey and his Wonder Years brother Fred Savage.

Oh, two other things. (I don’t know if this should go in a spoiler box, but since so many Dopers missed the first airing I will err on the side of caution.)
About a small change and a note about the ‘accuracy’ in the animation:


  1. GL’s new look threw me a little. Sexy, but a little too trendy for my taste.
    and 2. Captain Atom was so well-drawn that I recognized him as George Eads (Nick from CSI) even before he spoke. (He was voiced by Eads.)[/spoiler]

OK, I guess that’s all.

Quite nice, only caught the second half. Much better than Teen Titan. They also aren’t afraid to let the sexy characters be a bit… well, sexy. :wink:


"Black Canary is HOT!!

You know you want to! :smiley:

Of course there is no mention of the true hero of the episode - The Inanimate Carbon Rod.

I though that a bit odd, actually. They aren’t always quite that sensitive. The prior series showed death a number of times–soldiers, several Lanterns, and maybe some others I don’t recall. The Lanterns even died in-frame, though there wasn’t much to see.

All in all, it looks worth watching, I think. The interactions between Batman and Green Arrow were interesting. And, yes, Black Canary was hot. :slight_smile:

My two favorite scenes1. G.A. says to Capt. Atom “You’re what I protested against in college”.
2. Black Canary pulling on her stockings (although I wondered at G.A. wearing his mask in the shower??

In a recent episode, “How Long is Forever,” where Starfire was thrown forward 20-odd years into the (rather bleak) future, there’s a scene with two teenage punks taunting a caged Beast Boy. The punks’ appearance is pretty clearly based on the “Mutants” gang from DKR.

Where’s my Hawkgirl???

Her and Flash are my two favorites. At least Flash was in there, even though he didn’t have any lines!

I may have to boycott this if they don’t have foxymoron’s link, it looks like she’s not…

This episode was on the weak side, I think. Very contrived at times. I’ll give it another chance next weekend, hopefully it’ll be better.

Honestly, I’m a little worried about the whole concept of having so many heroes in the show. Part of the great thing about the first two seasons was the interaction between all of the heroes, and their development. This could be watered down significantly this season. (Not to mention I’ll won’t get a chance to see John and Hawkgirl together again!).

I feel stupid. My Hawkgirl rant might all have been for naught, seeing how she’s obviously there in this picture: