Justice League Unlimited : Dark Heart

ARGH! I missed it!

TVGuide says there are no repeat showings… please, somebody, tell me they’re lying to me. I need to see this episode.

I believe they replay them the following Saturday (next week) at 5:30 PM, but check Cartoon Network’s website to know for sure. I almost always miss them and then forget to watch the repeats. I made sure to catch this week’s episode because I knew Warren Ellis wrote it, and it is definitely awesome!


I’m begging the JLU writers: You do awesome work, but please, give the Flash a line. Pretty please.

You’d think the Atom would carry a laser gun or something. Not everything can be solved by shrinking and growing you know.

Batman had some great lines like, “I need air support because I can’t fly at all” and I loved Wonder Woman questioning why he was so prepared.

It appears that practice has been discontinued. I’m outta luck on this one.

Aaaand that’s why God invented filesharing. I saw this episode nearly a month ago when it was broadcast on Canadian TV and uploaded online. I also started a thread about it.

Flash has had his turn.

It’s Ice who needs lines. They keep using her, but she NEVER SAYS ANYTHING.

At least this time we got to see her fight. For the first time in her three appearances.

I’m beginning to think they’re deliberately taunting me, and other Ice fans.

It was how he said it that was great:

I need some air support.
Because I can’t fly.
At all.
Atom had a good opening sequence. He used the same lines I use on my family. “I blame this all on you.” “Me, why?” “Because if you didn’t do it, it means I did, and I can’t admit that.” He also got the ride of a lifetime…I want the outtakes on that one! I can’t believe no one cracked a joke, even on Cartoon Network.

I love playing spot the Leaguer. I think they left out Firestorm. That, and they (again) underpowered every hero who’s chest doesn’t have a big red S or picture of a bat on it.

I need this episode. Preferably not through a spyware-ridden, lawsuit inducing filesharing service.

Should I count myself lucky that this is the only JLU episode I’ve ever seen? I just happened to be flipping channels and came across it just as all the heros showed up and thought it looked interesting. It was. But is the focus always on Superman*, Wonder Woman and Batman or do the other characters get more face time also?

*I hate Superman. He is just too powerful to be interesting.

The focus is usually on Superman / Batman / Wonder Woman. This season has been a pleasant surprise, though. We’ve had episodes focusing on:

  • Green Arrow, with Supergirl and Captain Atom (Superman, Batman and Black Canary cameos)
  • Supergirl, with Green Arrow and the Question (Black Canary cameo, maybe a Superman cameo)
  • Booster Gold, with Elognated Man (Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman cameos - especially when they’re combined into one being :eek: )
  • The Super Friends (including the Wonder Twins but minus the monkey), with Maxwell Lord and Amanda Waller (main team plus Aquaman)
  • Atom has had major roles in two episodes. (main team plus others)
  • Zatanna was featured prominently in another. (Batman and Wonder Woman - well, sorta WW)

Nice mix of characters, as you can see.

You’re absolutely right, and before one of the Mods descends to rebuke me, I offer up repentence for suggesting that in the first place. Hope you find what you need.

I’m not clear on the legality of the situation, but that’s not my concern - just the various sorts of risks. Thanks anyway. :slight_smile:

Didn’t see that ep, unfortunately, but so far my favorite is the “Booster Gold” introduction. That guy cracked me up, and the quotes from the episode had me in stitches-

“We don’t need two stretchy guys for this”

And Batman getting all pissed off at Booster Gold the whole time really made me chuckle. “When you and I get back, we’re going to have a long talk.” :stuck_out_tongue:

In addition to what D_Odds said, Supes has been depowered significantly.

Episode-by-episode rundown of the major characters, trying, hard, to avoid spoilers:

1 Initiation: Green Arrow, Supergirl, Captain Atom. Green Lantern has a large secondary role.
2 For the Man Who Has Everything: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman.
3 Hawk and Dove: Well…Hawk and Dove and Wonder Woman.
4 Fearful Symmetry: Supergirl, Green Arrow, the Question. None of the big guns have major parts.
6 Kid Stuff: Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern. Needs to be seen.
7 This Little Piggy: Batman, Zatanna. Wonder Woman and B’wana Beast have major secondary roles.
8 The Return: Atom. Supergirl, Steel, Green Lantern (John and Kyle) and Dr Fate have major secondary roles.
9 The Greatest Story Never Told: Booster Gold. Enlongated Man has a major secondary role. The Big Guns all appear, but none of them have more than a handful of lines.
10 Ultimatum: The Ultimen*, and Wonder Woman. Superman, Batman and Aquaman have major secondary roles. (*Ultimen are the Superfriends analogues, created for the episode)
11 Dark Heart: Single largest role to Atom. Most of the Big Guns get major secondary roles.
12 Wake the Dead: Hasn’t aired in the US yet, cast list contains minor spoilers:

Green Lantern, Vixen, Hawkgirl. Superman, Dr Fate, Aquaman, and Amazo have major secondary roles.

I wasn’t that thrilled with this episode. But I admit, I paused the DVR more than once to try and figure out who was who.

It was coole to see Red Star and Rocket Red in there. This league is international I see.

I had to have a long discussion with my son about the difference between The Atom and Atom-Smasher.

Basically, if someone’s ever been on a team called the Justice League or Justice Society, you shouldn’t be surprised to see them.

Where’d you see Red Star? I thought I’d caught all the cameos. Actually, I didn’t see Rocket Red, either. (Rocket Red was in The Return, though.)

It’s pretty obvious from the opening credits the the JL is now…

The Superman, Batman, and Wonderwoman Show!
Featuring Members of the Original Justice League.

Plus Specially Featured Heroes!

And lots of Cameos!

This has less to do with the writers, but more to do with the fact that Michael Rosenbaum is increasingly busy with taping Smallville. I believe this is the first time the tapings for both shows have coincided. According to Wizard, Rosenbaum was available for one episode, but instead of having him voice The Flash, he’s voicing a throw-away villain. Pfft.

On a related note, didn’t Flash receive some sort of knee injury near the end of the last season? Maybe they knew Rosenbaum would have trouble with schedules, so they wrote the Flash out for a little bit?

…I’m trying to remember, but its not coming to me. The only injured Leaguer I can hink of pre-Unlimited is GL with his arm in a sling.

They never explained how he got another ring and/or repaired his old one, did they?

Just watched it. I see that Red Tornado recovered from the Return episode.

I like the show, but thought this one was sort of weak. I liked the action, but mostly this one was just one big fight episode.

The best episodes this season have had drama, emotion, or good humor.

This one didn’t have that much of it (Batman’s request for support was nice).

I really like the way the big three are handled here. Especially Batman. He is serious, but not cliche’ Grim and Gritty.

The Pig episode is a textbook example of how Batman should be written.