Justice League Unlimited : Dark Heart

Yep. I think it was the Ecilspo (damn my spelling) episode…but I thought he speed healed.

The advantage of being an android/elemental.

No one else has commented on Ray Palmers ride? Aren’t most of us having this discussion male comic book geeks?

I thought it was cheesy. It seemed like a bit of one handed typing.

Superman can put him in his ear, but WW has to use cleavage?

I am generally kind of annoyed the way WW is written in the show sometimes.

In the heat of the moment maybe that’s the first place she thought to put him. It isn’t as if she has pockets.


Maybe he neglected to tell WW that he could just as easily ride in her ear. He is divorced from Jean, after all (at least he was when they wrote this).

My guess is, he held up the pieces to his Lantern Battery and said:

In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight;
Let those who worship evil’s might
Beware my power, now fix this ring you stupid overgrown can of spinach!

That didn’t rhyme.

I can’t argue with that!

Nope, nothing. Any chance you could jog my memory?

Also, maybe the idea of a teeny tiny man climbing around in her cleavage wasn’t nearly as creepy to her as the idea of a teeny tiny man climbing around in her ear drum. I know which place I’d pick, if I were Wonder Woman.

Or if I were Ray Palmer, for that matter. Same place, either way.