comic book series you'd like to see get animated

No! Got a linkie?

Wendy and Richard have been talking about making EQ move since the day it came out, and last I heard it was stalled in pre-production hell (that was about two years ago.) But I understood that Wendy was staying very hands-on for the project. What happened?

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. :smiley:

I remember seeing a website dedicated to a Green Lantern show that was never made, that is, it was just in the author’s imagination, but it looked really cool.

I also remember someone on the boards proposing that The Outsiders be made into a show for Adult Swim. I have only read one issue (this past February), but I could definately see that working.

Girl Genius is an excellent choice. I’d love to see that.

Courtney Crumrin’s another excellent contender.

I’d love to see Leave It to Chance done as a cartoon. Magic, monsters, and a sassy little girl with a pet dragon named St. George? I would be so there!

Anyone remember Teknophage? I’d definitely watch an adult-oriented cartoon business satire set in a steampunk Victorian world ruled by giant lizards.

Fort: Prophet of the Unexplained would be another fun contender.

Since we’re apparently not going to see the live action TV show for Global Frequency, it might work as a cartoon too.

they invented 2 kuties-wootsy new characters: little kid trolls.

Vomitous to look on, & I just know they’d be more annoying than Scrappy Doo!

Images were in print in a TPB years ago, can’t find a link.

Horrible, horrible…like re-writing The Dark Knight Returns so that Gleek the Wonder Monkey can get screentime.

I can’t think of a character more appropriate than Slapstick, really.

I was going to suggest that, then I thought about it, and it wouldn’t work.

So much of what works in JtHM comes from the format. Trying to animate it would result in either a completely incoherant, or utterly pointless excercise.

I’d enjoy it tremenously if the first LOVE AND ROCKETS were animated, especially BEM!

You can see references to this comic in Invader ZIM.

Boy, this could be a thread in and of itself.

Zero Hour happened at a point in my life where I wasn’t able to spend much money so I dropped comics altogether. I’ve since gone back and read a few issues of The Legion and can’t see how anyone would prefer the new to the old.

I mean Chuck isn’t Bouncing Boy… That’s so… wrong…

Much like the comic book itself. :wink:

I kick myself constantly for missing Invader Zim when it was on. Do any of the characters make cameos?

I’d love to see Bruce Timm in charge of a season long adaption of the Kree-Skrull War saga in the Avengers.

Episode guide from TV Tome will give you all the intricate details.

For the most part, the characters usually are in the background.

hmmm…maybe in twenty years, we can have an animated Sci-fi romp, that takes a mature view of sex, taken from the pages of the 80s comic book, Mike Kalzeah pesents: The Adventures of Captain Jack. It would be brilliant.

How about Hayao Miayazaki’s Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind? Then there’s Masamune Shirow’s Ghost in the Shell, Dominion, or Appleseed?

What? You mean there are? … and a remake?!? Due out in May on DVD? OK, I’m there! :smiley:

Will Eisner’s The Spirit.

Done by Warner Brothers Animation, for that film noir look it so desparately needs.

Paul Dini to write/direct.

Oooh! Ooooh! And Bruce Timm as art director!

Actually, Jeph Loeb is working on a script right now (presumably for a live-action Spirit, though).

Ultimates is going to be a direct to dvd cartoon as well. Voice casting was done via

Animated format is likely the only motion-picture medium that could take a good shot at Watchmen.