Comic book storyline compilations

Sure the title doesn’t make much sense, but what I want to know is this. Is there a lsit of the comics I need to read in order to get the full story in a plot? I’m always reading comics, but at the end, it’ll say something like “Continued in ASM120,” which leaves me clueless as to where that storyline was headed. I need to be able to see which comics I need to read and in which order I need to read them. Is there a website that lists these kind of things? Specific storyline’s I’d like to know I’m getting everything out of include the No Man’s Land Batman story arc and the Spider-Man Clone story arc. Know anything that could help me out? Thanks. :slight_smile:

Most of the big box bookstore chains carry graphic novels that are those compilations. I can’t help you with Marvel, but No Man’s Land takes up 5 such books (called No Man’s Land Volume 1, No Man’s Land Volume 2, etc) as well as Cataclysm, which tells of the earthquake that led to NML. You could see if your library carries any of these, as well as Greg Rucka’s novel No Man’s Land, though his novel, while very good, is quite condensed. Check out DC’s website for all their graphic novels in print.

If you’re looking for the specific comic books themselves, I can’t help you there, though I believe the graphic novels do list which books they come from.