Marvel Comic Book Reading Order?

Can anyone recommend somewhere on the web that gives a guide to how all the various Marvel comics relate to each other? I’ve been out of it for a while, and have no clue in what order I should tackle all the various Spider-man and X-Men comics.

I don’t know what you mean. Do you mean all the current comics? That’s easy – basically, each current title is largely unconcerned with continuity from other books featuring the same character. The Ultimate books take place in a different universe which has only been around since Ultimate Spider-Man #1 launched a few years ago.


Isn’t it a bit more complicated than that? When I was reading marvel Spectacular and Amazing Spider-man (for example) had their own contuinity that didn’t affect eachother, unless there was a big event, which effects all the titles. Sometimes the titles affect eachother even when they aren’t the same character, recently Spider-man is right now in Ultimate Six and Ultimate Spider-man. So it’s sort of messy, my advice is to not worry about it and just focus on a few select titles, you don’t need to have all the possible information to get the story.

If you’re worried about mainstream Marvel continuity, I’ve been working on a website that chronicles the history of the Earth X series. If you click on the “Modern Heroic Age” link, you’ll see the order in which a large number of modern Marvel books were published, publication dates and all.

I have been working on something that you might find interesting. Its a reading order of all comics, and you can get a reading order of all comics related to a specific character. I had the same problem, and there aren’t a lot of tools out there for people like us starting cold.

Check it out.

He might have been interested in it 7 years ago…

OK, didn’t see that. My bad.

Still a cool project. Good luck with it!