Comic geeks- Why a Spiderman reboot already!?

Yes. The Avengers movie(s) are being done under Marvel’s control. Sony is still doing the new Spider-Man movie. While Sony has the rights, Marvel can’t use Spider-Man in their Avengers franchise.

Rights may have something to do with it, but more simply, Spidey was never part of the Avengers.

I brought that up over in the Green Lantern thread a while back. As a DC fan in general and a GL fan in particular, I was utterly baffled by the decision to introduce her in that movie. She would have made more sense showing up in one of the Batman films. She would make even more sense appearing in certain other characters’ movies, but those movies haven’t been made yet. And of course, the other problem is that Waller isn’t nearly as prominent in the DC universe as Nick Fury is in the Marvel universe.

Iiiiiiiii jsut don’t see it. Kingsley can make almost anything good, but the Vulture is one of Spidey’s least interesting villains. By far.

Wait, Superman Returns was pretty good? I thought it just edged out Superman 4 and Supergirl. What superhero movies sucked then?

Spider-Man has been an Avenger since 2005.

He was a member of the New Avengers, and from Heroic Age until Fear Itself . It’s purely a rights thing, only characters who’s film rights are still under Marvel’s control are part of the film continuity.

Yes. Sony has Spider-Man, and Fox has X-Men, I believe. Some hobo has The Fantastic Four judging by the quality of those movies. Damn shame to waste Dr. Doom like that. We could see Namor as either an antagonist or member in a future Avengers flick though.

Whoever had Dare Devil also has Kingpin, otherwise, he could have appeared in Spider-Man.