Comic interview montages

I have been binge-reading comic back-issues lately and noticed three similar job interview montages. The first is from Wolverine and the X-men volume 1 issue 19 (December 2012), the second from West Coast Avengers volume 3 issue 1 (October 2018), and the third from Deadpool volume 8 issue 10 (March 2021). The second and third come from the same writer, the first doesn’t. Now I’m wondering if there are more of these out there. (Actually, I’d guess that the chances are pretty good.)

The Legion of Super-Heroes were always interviewing new candidates. Even right off the bat, back in the 60s, it was great comic relief. Wasn’t one of them Arm Fall Off Boy? He’d pop his arm off and wave it threateningly. There were a lot of LSH heroes yelling “NEXT!”

At one point, a half dozen of the rejects formed the Legion of Substitute Heroes. “Heroes” like the woman whose powers only worked at night, and the kid who could make plants grow… and that’s it…

It’s not in the Order of the Stick webcomic proper, but in the prequel book On The Origin of PCs Roy interviews a long list of amusing candidates (“SPLURK!”), most of whom turn him down.

Superhero auditions from “Mystery Men”:

There are a lot of these. There’s an interview segment in Deadpool 2. “The Terror’s” villain association in the animated The Tick had an interview segment.

In Fantastic Four # 177 (Dec 1976) The Frightful Four (The Wizard’s Villain gang) interviews new applicants at The Baxter Building (The Fantastic Four’s HQ):

Captain Ultra is a hoot. He really enjoys being a superbeing. Too much, in fact. I assumed his passing out when fire was near to be a dig at DC’s Martian Manhunter