Comic where woman becomes God

I had a comic from probably the early 90’s that I have no idea how to track down. It was a short story where a woman created a computer program with virtual creatures who ended up worshipping her like a god. Eventually they stopped believing in her and she disintegrated. It didn’t have anything to do with the main title of course, just a little ~6 page one-off. Does anyone remember reading a comic book with this story and might be able to find out which title it was?

I’m bumping this because I am now curious…

Welcome to the Dope, I hope you get your answer as the story sounds good.

Is there any narrowing down you could do? Like what publishers you read from? A US comic? Etc.?

It was definitely American, but I can’t remember if it was Marvel or DC. It’s theme was like that: more tailored for teens or adults. And the other stories in the issue were completely unrelated to this one.

Probably an anthology comic, but that’s still covers a lot of titles.

I’m familiar with anthologies, but I feel there’s a chance it was one of the main superhero titles, and this was just a short story after the main story. Over the years I’ve joined several comic book groups on Facebook with hundreds of thousands of members and put this out for all those eyeballs, and invariably it’s gotten no response. All people in those groups want to do is argue about which Marvel movie is best. I see most posts in this forum with so many responses… maybe this one is just that much of a doozie. Any suggestions of any other online communities that might be widely read on comics?

Have you tried Reddit?

BTW, you aren’t the only one who has come up with a stumper, for hear at least.

Have you tried the sci-fi Stack Exchange? It seems like every other thing posted there is someone trying to identify something,

I posted this to the sci-fi stack exchange and Reddit a couple weeks ago but got nothing. I might as well leave it up and see if the internet comes through for me in future years.

Good luck. That wondering can be really annoying.