Commander in Chief post-mortem (spoilers)

Well it’s over. I missed the first 20 minutes, why was Mac trying to get ERA passed and how did it get through Congress if Templeton opposed it?

Anyhow, C-in-C could have been a great series, but it was flawed from the start. A presidential candidate picking someone outside their party as a running-mate? Not likely and would they even be able to be listed on the same ballot in all states? It would have been much more beliavable if she had been a Rockefeller Republican. Is the idea of non-evil Republicans that hard for Hollywood to write? Also she was supposed to have problems with the Republicans and the Democrates, yet they where barely mentioned. Templeton was so over the top as a villian I half-expected him to tie Mac to railroad tracks. I very much doubt ABC is going to greenlight a TV-movie.

Wait, it’s cancelled? A few weeks ago rumor had it that they were picking between keeping this show and Invasion, and CIC won.

The Democrats did get to roofie the First Gentleman’s drink at a party.