Who are the least plausible fictional Presidents?

Charlie Brooker nominates 24’s President and R. Kelly lookalike Wayne Palmer as the least fictional POTUS. But there have been a myriad of fictional presidents, some more plausible than others. Who are your nominations for Presidents who would never in a million years have a hope in hell in being elected?


President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho

Abraham Lincoln As a vampire hunter has to be up there.

Richard Nixon’s head - either attached to a robots body, or being toted around by an Agnew clone.

I think in one of Vonnegut’s novels there’s a reference to a Kilgore Trout story about a chimpanzee who becomes POTUS. “The band would play ‘Hail to the Chief’ and the chimp loved it. He would bounce up and down.”

Didn’t Lex Luthor end up elected President in some DC continuity or another? It seems to me it’d be pretty hard to get elected with Superman campaigning for your opponent.

In Sleeper, the President had been blown up, leaving just his nose, yet he was still alive (though not fit for duty).

In Being There, it’s implied that Chance the Gardener is being groomed for the top job. We don’t find out if he ends up winning an election, but we’re meant to assume it’s possible.

He did. Main continuity, approximately even with W Bush’s first term and a half. At the time he wasn’t publicly known as a criminal (he blamed a clone*), and the previous administration had significantly bungled a major crisis (the Batman crossover No Man’s Land), so with the impression that Lex was innocent, and the incumbent was terrible, he did well.

Then a few years later he went on a drug-fueled rampage (a mix of Venom and Kryptonite) which got him impeached.

  • Which is kind of funny, since the only time he had a particularly positive influence on the world was when he was in a clone body and claiming to be his own son. This is why I love superhero comics.

in Back to the Future Ronald Reagan was President
I know American politics has become pretty crazy lately but I hope we never get to the point that a Hollywood actor literally becomes President

Sorry…the comatose nasal remnant was of the Leader, not the President.

Carry on.

Duck President from South Park

Jack Nicholson in Mars Attacks!

This, or this.

Turner Classic Movies airs this a couple times a year.

A former NBA player ran a while back - Bill Bradley, in 2000.

Anyone remember “The Awful Truth”, a series hosted by Michael Moore? He did an episode where he nominated a potted plant for public office, and got it on the ballot. It got a few votes, too.

President Michael Wilson.

America. Fuck Yeah.

And of course, VP Richard Hawk, who manages to do stuff like make puppy kicking legal.

That reminds me of the talking gorilla who was President in The Probability Broach.

Well Yingluck Shinawatra is the PM of Thailand and she’s fairly unconvincing.

Hail to the Chimp