Choose a fictional President to put into the actual Oval Office

Simple rules: tell us what fictional character you’d like to put in the Oval Office. The only constraint is that the character must have been president of the United States at some ppoint in the history fo his or her fictional world.

I don’t knout about the rest of you guys, but this presidential election has me a trifle nervous. Senator Obama is charismatic and stirring and eloquent and all that, but I’m not sure he has the experience, intellect & ruthlessness–to be frank, the CHOPS-- to handle the enormous clusterfuck of financial collapse, nuclear proliferation, and Hilton girls runnng amok. Not that Senator McCain is a better choice, as not only has he sold his sold to the devil, but he’s also gone senile in the process. Palin shares Obama’s charisma but is (a) even more inexperienced, and (b) a creationist, which is just cretin spelled sideways. Biden has the experience and brains, but only slightly more ability to command respect and loyalty than the average bank manager.

Clearly we need someone with enormous–nay superhuman-- intellect, both theoretical and practical. Someone with the ability to rally people behind him. Someone who can both lead the world’s economy back to prosperity and who can out-manuever evil space gods both tactically and strategically. Someone who might have been his world’s greatest villain, but who, freed of the tyranny of jealousy, could be our world’s greatest hero.

I want President Luthor.

HERE My President needs no previous incumbency. He is merely taking a a break and the current holders are just minding the office.

Either Josiah Bartlett or Matt Santos from The West Wing. Hell, I wouldn’t even mind having Arnie Vinnick.

Dennis Haysbert’s character from *24 *would also be good. (What was his name?)

Nixon’s head from Futurama. Just cause it would be cool.
ETA: Nixon’s head! And Agnew’s headless body for VP!

Superman for President!

OG knows, after this Administration, we need him.

Good call on Luthor—heck, with no moralistic superheroes to meddle with his plans, we’ll be running this planet outright in about six months.

After him…Jack Ryan. But only if he gets to bring John Clark with him.

Or better yet: President David Herman.

On the one hand, with no super-villains hereabouts to crimp his style, he’d mop up our current wars duing Inauguation weekend.

On the other hand, presented with the financial crisis, he’d say, “Okay, explain to me ONE MORE TIME what a ‘checking account’ is.”

His name [del]is[/del] was David Palmer.

He wouldn’t be my pick. I love the Haysbert, but Palmer’s problem solving skills are teh suck.

I’ll take the president E.G. Marshall played in Superman II. Smart enough to at least try to fake out a hostile takeover by putting a stand-in in the big chair, willing to risk summary execution by calling on Big Blue right in front of the New Boss.

Oh, I don’t know. “Point Bauer at it and then observe from a safe distance” seems wise.

If that were all he had done, I’d agree. But “point Sherry at it and then observe from a safe distance” negates that, IMHO.

It’s not common knowledge, but Sherry Palmer is actually an alternate-universe counterpart of Chuck Norris. Armed with this info, it’s understandable that David avoided vexing her.

Either David Kovic or vice-president Nance from the movie ‘Dave’. 'Course, being fictional characters, they had it easy…

“Behind her hairdo, there is only another fist.”


Tom McLaughlin from the Canadian production “Trojan Horse”.

(this is right up your alley, Skald the Rhymer)

Adam Selene. But they might have to knock a few walls out to make everything fit.

President Roslin!

Morgan Freeman as President Tom Beck from Deep Impact.

You stole mine. :frowning:

“Sir, the constitution clearly states that nobody can be elected president more than twice.”

“That’s right. NoBODY. But as you can plainly see, I’ve got a shiny new body!”

President Camacho from Idiocracy. At least the guy was smart enough to realize he needed someone smarter than him to fix problems.

I agree with David Palmer…however, there is the unfortunate fact that he is dead in the 24 universe.