What fictional characters would you support for president of the U.S.?

They don’t have to be political figures and they can live at any time present past or future.

My number one pick would probably be Mr. Spock. His mother’s American so he should be qualified. He’s not an exciting sort but I think his logic and foresightedness would be perfect.

Failing that, Michael Corleone. Also highly logical, knows when to use force but prefers diplomacy, and extremely analytical.

Just so you know, that sick bastard Fabulous Creature started a similar threadnot long ago. I’m sure he’ll be along presently to swear vengeance on you.

Oh, and to answer your question (which has more relaxed rules than mine did anywhistle): Lex Luthor. Yeah, I know he’s the character I pushed for in the other thread, but so what? I’m in the Luthor-would-be-a-hero-if-not-for-his-unresolved-gay-crush-on-Clark camp.

Jack Bauer!

Upon reflection I have decided my snark, now deleted, was stupid and a thread hijack, so I am erasing it if nobody minds.

Atticus Finch. Reasoned, brave, not at all condescending and he should appeal to the NRA crowd.

Dangit, lieu! You beat me to the punch! I came in here to say Atticus Finch.

And an excellent shot, should the occasion ever arise.

Plus, historically an anti-rabies platform has had bi-partisan appeal across a wide demographic.

Aragorn 2012!

He has serious military cred. He traveled extensively, and has person relations with foreign heads of state. Got his Hands dirty, so none of the Elitism vulnerability. A history of working across the Aisle(Negotitated a deal with the dead, beat that). Demonstrated ability to find excelent advisors.

And a totally hot wife.

Surely you jest. In choosing that dimwitted, eternally boring elf-chick over the greatest of the Eorlingas, Isildur’s Heir demonstrated critically bad judgment.

Definitely Atticus Finch.

Or possibly Hiro Nakamura. That’d be pretty awesome.

Jed Barlet. He did a good job on West Wing, anyway.

I want to see a woman for President.

Dr. Kay Scarpetta is intelligent and rational, but I don’t think she has the charisma for the job.

Captain America. The Steve Rodgers version.

I’d like somebody who actually gave a damn.

Not born in America. Not even a citizen.
My vote goes for Ash Williams, as played by Bruce Campbell in the “Evil Dead” saga. Because… because hail to the king, baby.

I’ve got a t-shirt supporting the Vorkosigan-Naismith ticket.

Me too. Hal Jordan for veep.

And principled, and (unlike many of the folks who will be proposed) actually active in politics. Looks like he’s got a landslide going here.

Yes, but my candidate will kill your candidate on the debate florr. And by “my candidate” I mean “my candidate’s hired assassins.” And by “debate floor” I mean “alley behind your campaign headquarters.” And by “kill” I mean “kill.”