Commando or sweaty drawers?

Let’s say you regularly go to the gym on your way to work in the morning. You bring your work clothes to change into after you shower when you’re done with your workout. One day you towel off and open your gym bag to find you mistakenly forgot a clean pair of underwear. Do you put on the pair you wore while working out or go commando at work all day? (Assume the gym is much closer to work than home and you don’t really have time to go home for a clean pair and that there are no stores open at that time.)

Considering all of my workout shorts have the underwear built in, I would have no choice but to go commando.

Go Super Commando and forget about strides altogether.

Go commando.

If it’s good enough for the gym, it’s good enough for real life. (Once you go commando at the gym, you just can’t go back.)

I say commando, but it’s a non-issue for me. My gym is 100 yards from my home so no problem getting new shorts.

So is mine. But I thought about it more like, what if (due to tsunami, flood, gnomes), ALL of my undies were gone/destroyed except for that dirty pair. While doing whatever I had to do to obtain/wait for clean ones, what would I do in the interim?

I go commando all the time at home anyway so it wouldn’t bother me to do it… but this is one reason why (among several other equally good reasons) you should always keep a clean pair of undies in your trunk :stuck_out_tongue: