Ever go out without underwear?

Just wondering. I don’t recollect that I have. I suppose some people don’t wear it at all but I always do. I suppose it could be kinda of erotic if you went to a party or something with out any on. I kinda wish I didn’t have any on right this minute.:eek:

I lost mine once. I was largely pregnant and too cheap to buy maternity underwear and, one day, the pair I was wearing gave up out of protest. I managed to get back to my office before they hit the floor, but I didn’t have an extra pair, so I just went without the rest of the day. Can’t say it was particularly erotic, though.

I never wear underwear.

Sometimes I wear undies. Sometimes I don’t. It largely depends on my mood.

I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. Over the past 5 years, I have left about 24 pairs of soiled undies in various rest rooms. It has always meant going without till I get home.

[Kramer] I’m out there, and I’m lovin’ it. [/Kramer]

I used to sometimes throw on just a coat and heels to run out and pick up the Sunday Times . . . Now I subscribe.

I can’t go without, Mrs.Plastic on the other hand often will go “Commando”.
[hijack]Why is called commando? I know that a Friends episode mentioned it, but why commando??[/hijack]

I wore my kilt to a DopeFest. What do you think?


::looking for a paper route in Eve’s neighborhood::

Always wear undies, as I’m afraid of a ‘franks and beans’ incident, but when I’m wearing my silk boxers it feels like I’m going commando. Does that count?

Some of my tank tops have built-in bra-like things…

Two boobs, two posts…works for me.

Well, all I can say is that it’s a good thing I wear not only underwear, but also pajamas. Ever since the sleep-walking incident a couple of years ago when I woke up on the outside of my hotel room…


i went without for years. then i noticed how all my jeans ripped in the crotch after a year or so. now its boxer briefs for me. they cup me in ALL the right places.

Nope. Boxer-briefs, every day. I’m too paranoid to wear regular boxers (unless I’m just stepping out of the house for a minute) because I have a touch of irritable bowel syndrome and, well, you do the math. If anything were to happen (not that it ever does), I’d prefer it to be contained…

I sleep naked, though, because I find the fabric on the legbands (you know what I mean) irritating.

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I can’t stand thongs, so often when I wear skirts or pants where a panty line would show, I go without.

I rarely wear undies and almost always sleep nude - good thing I don’t sleepwalk! :wink:

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It can be fun at a party, even though I’m usually the only one who knows… :wink:

They were getting ready to go to a fancy engagement; all the guys had rented tuxedos. Joey usually doesn’t wear underwear, and in fact apparently owns one pair only. Chandler, his roommate, has hidden this pair (which Joey is not yet wearing) as a gag. Ross asks why doesn’t he (Joey) just do without for tonight:

"It’s a rented tux! I’m not gonna go ‘commando’ in another man’s fatigues!"

I assume the term “commando” was chosen in light of the military metaphor. OTOH, Scottish men who wear no underwear beneath their kilts (a good portion) were said to be going “regimental.” Perhaps “commando” is a derivation of that.

Never. I’d just be too embarrassed, even if I was the only one who knew! And it’s all because of that one incident in kindergarten…I guess I forgot one morning, and we had to change for gym class (we all changed in the same room at that age) and one of my classmates laughed at me. It left scars, I tell you. Scars.

Although I HAVE thought about it, to please my SO…maybe one day :slight_smile: