Men who don't wear underwear

What do women think of men who don’t wear any underwear?

Men of course love women who don’t wear underwear (God bless 'em), but the opposite doesn’t seem to be true.

Of course not! Have you ever seen the male genitia? The bits and pieces? One writer from my high school days described them as a turkey neck and gizzards (or words to that effect). Not exactly the most attractive thing to think of.

I heard none of the guys in IMHO wear underwear.

Let’s go find out, and see what the ladies think.

A few years ago, I might have thought it was sexy in a vaguely rebellious way, but now I’d probably wonder if you weren’t uncomfortable swinging around like that.

It was common knowledge (i.e. wildly speculative urban legend) in High School that if guys wore flannel trousers without underwear they would be affected by uncontrollable erections. I still have to giggle when I see men in flannel trousers.

Well, Im a guy, I’d say you can clearly see their nuts.

Doesn’t it hurt men not to wear underwear? I know it hurts me to go without a bra. <Which sucks by the way> I mean if I were a man I would worry about getting my penis stuck in a zipper, or getting excited and being way too obvious. Also in my opinion seeing random shots of male genitalia that I am not intimate with is just gross. The turkey neck analogy rings way true.

i’d rather a guy free-ball than wear boxer briefs. those are SO gay.

oh, noooooo. i’m not a guy, but all my friends are and half of them go commando; they say it’s the freest feeling in the world. they like “feeling the breeze”.

(Geez. Am I gonna write this? Oh, wtf.)

Not only did I zip up real fast, I managed to get a little skin caught in the zipper. Talk about going from ho hum to holy shit! in a nanosecond.

What does one do? You certainly can’t walk out of the bathroom back into a crowded bar and go, “Hey, a little help here?”

No, you muster all the nerve you can and rip the zipper back downwards. Then you walk into a stall, sit down, and
cradle poor Mr. Winky until the pain and the little, sparkly, floaty things go away.

I don’t get it. Where does the aesthetic thing even figure in? When a guy takes his pants off in your presence, don’t the underpants usually follow?

I mean, there was this …unbelivable well-hung guy I knew- and I know this because he use to go out in public in spandex legging. But I don’t think underwear would have made much of a difference.

::crawls into corner and huddles in a little ball:: Shit, Rysdad, I’m not even a guy, and I’m shaking.

As for the OP:
Sleeping nude is one thing. I think that’s sexy. But the thought of my mailman, the next door neighbor, the president of my university, and my professors all going through their daily routines sans boxers or briefs is just too gross for me to handle.

AudreyK said:

If you took a survey, you would no doubt be surprised by the number of guys who do not wear underwear.

Well, either your friends are yanking your chain a little, or you’ve got some very tough friends. I have tried this, once, but all of my pants/shorts have zippers. Hence, when I tried this (for about 10 seconds) it chaifed horribly. Very uncomfortable. Plus, there’s always the catch-factor, already vividly described by Rysdad (thanks Rysdad). However, I guess if you only wore sweat pants or leather pants it would be fine (though I think you’d show through pretty well in leather pants).
Actually, I have never met anyone that has gone commando, except after crapping their pants. But that’s another story. :smiley:

This doesn’t make much sense…but I can’t wear underwear if I’m wearing shorts.

The chance of the “mouse sneaking out of the house” goes way up…but I just can’t bring myself to wear them.
On a really hot day, I was wearing rugby shorts with no liner. One ball was hanging out on one side, the other ball, and penis, on the other side. My sister-in-law, got a wonderful view.

The thing is, she never said a thing about it. I’m pretty sure she was enjoying it.

I sleep nude, and if I had my druthers, I’d be naked ALL the time.

Not too many images are worse than sweaty boys a swingin’. :eek:

I don’t wear underwear when I’m wearing a kilt, but I think that’s traditional anyway… :slight_smile:

Perhaps it makes more difference if you’re circumcised? I was really surprised when I discovered (just a few weeks ago) that loads of men in America get circumcised; I’d always thought it was just Jewish guys…

Diane, it’s called male jiggle. You might remember that from the 60s.

You know, women went braless, that gave rise to female jiggle & then equality came about, so male jiggle. Which gets a lot of attention from the females locally.

Going without underwear depends on the type of trousers you are wearing. I agree with JimmyNipples on the shorts sans shorts. The underwear I opt for is boxer shorts, and no I am most certainly not gay. Do any guys really wear a thong?

The only guys who can get away with wearing a thong and still look hot are male strippers.

Jiggles or not, I just think it is a little gross to think ball sweat and bum smell are within just a fraction of an inch of fabric instead of contained in underwear. I mean, EEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Question - Do you guys who go without underwear wash your jeans after one wear or do you carry the crotch and butt smell over to another day?

You HAVE to be kidding me. Boxer briefs are the most attractive type of underwear a man can wear.

Most men I know balk at the idea. “Don’t gay men wear those things?” And yes, they are popular in the gay community, from what I’ve heard. But it’s not like they MAKE YOU GAY. They make your package look bigger and your ass look tighter. This is attractive on any man, and since gay guys tend to go for other attractive gay guys, it’s good for them to wear stuff like boxer briefs.

It’s also good for any heterosexual man I’ll see half-naked to be wearing them too. Mmmmmm. When my fiance switched from bikini briefs to boxer briefs, I was quite pleased. And once he found out how comfy they are and how good they make him look, so was he.

I’m not sure I really want to know…