Men who don't wear underwear

I definitely cannot go commando. Things flapping around, getting in between your legs, the zipper factor, a bad bend when you squat. Too many things can go wrong. My equipment always gets a cradle.

My favorite Latin expression: “Semper ubi sub ubi.”

It literally translates to “Always where under where,” which sounds way way too close to “Always wear underwear.” :wink:

dylan_73 wrote:

Yep, circumcision was normal maternity-ward procedure just a couple of decades ago.

And if I say anything more on the subject, this thread’ll get moved over into Great Debates.

I must admit, I never give a thought to whether or not a guy is wearing underwear. My naughty girlfriend and I have, on occasion, discussed whether a guy was “dressed left” or “dressed right”. But even then, I didn’t think about his underwear.

All my life I have worn briefs but I am often naked around the house because I live alone. Lately I have a guest and on ocassion I have slipped on a pair of old shorts with no underwear. I have discovered in hot weather it is way more comfortable to have the equipment hanging free and ventilated. I am going to try using boxer shorts in summer and will probably stick with briefs in winter.

I have one that wears boxers, one that wears thongs, and one that wears none.
I love my husband right out of the shower in only boxers! I have too much fun with my other guy when we go to clubs and I know what that he is wearing that little bitty thong with the snaps on the side that I will get to undo later, and I get into trouble in public places with my guy who goes bare. It’s just too easy to slip right in at get at what you want.
Funny thing is I was just talking to my bare guy about zipping it up yesterday. He got out of the shower and I was shocked at how he wasn’t even paying attention to what was where while zipping.

Anyone else think this would make a good potential song lyric for a revised “12 Days of Christmas?” :stuck_out_tongue:

A man’s thought on underwear.
Boxers are gay?
Is this an East Coast thing?
Most everyone I know wears boxers…oh wait…now I see…
Although really, I’ve never heard the boxers=gay thing. I always thought it just meant good taste. You know like a good haircut. Sure all( strike that, most) gay men have good haircuts. But so do heterosexual men who aren’t slobs.

As for thongs, YECHHH. YECHHHH. YECHHH. There is something so wrong about those things.
And why would anyone wear briefs?
I wear boxers boxer/briefs or nothing at all.
As for wearing nothing, as long as the pants aren’t denim it’s fine.

Hmmm. Well I wear briefs. I have gone a few times wearing no undies and just pants/shorts–and it is uncomfortable. I like support as opposed to just hanging out.

Btw IMHO thongs suck, they’re uncomfortable, and it’s hard to keep your “package” totally confined within the front flap (well it is for me).

Also, I never heard the boxers = gay thing before.

I don’t get it. Where does the aesthetic thing even figure in? When a guy takes his pants off in your presence, don’t the underpants usually follow?

I mean, there was this …unbelivable well-hung guy I knew- and I know this because he use to go out in public in spandex legging. But I don’t think underwear would have made much of a difference. **

I wouldn’t mind getting peaks at someone that I thought was hot and it’s kinda sexy on my husband, but complete strangers who I find nasty. No way do I want to see Petey peaking out.

Little shameless self promotion…
Next Valentines Day, Look for a “Shoebox” card that deals with this very subject.
I wrote and drew the damn thing myself about 6 months ago.
(yeah, they take that long to make it to the stores)
I think it says “The Difference between Men and Women #707” on the top with a 2 panel cartoon beneath contrasting the whole underwear issue. I thought it was pretty funny, though I was rushed and ended up doing a pretty crappy drawing for it. Oh well.

Okay, I’m gonna jump right in and make my posting debut on this board regarding this crucial topic.

What’s with all the EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWs? I really fail to understand this reaction. They don’t look like turkey necks, they look like penises (penii?)! Why is that so disgusting? Personally, I like looking at them and find it a big turn-on. Geez, ladies, I feel sorry for any guy who tries to have sex with you. Poor man would probably be scarred for life!

I wear boxers about one day in ten(when wearing wool pants or jeans). In college i never did laundry until i absolutely had to and the limiting factor to my laundry was boxers. so eventually, i just started going without/freeballin/going commando. I usually wear khakis thats are pretty comfortable and have none of the chaffing problems you guys discussed. Now i just think its more comfortable to not wear any, and Diane i do laundry everytime i wear my pants now. Over the past 4 years i got caught in the zipper once(which was once more than i needed) but i was pretty drunk at the time so i blame it on the booze. My girlfriend is kind of indifferent… if my pants are coming off it doesn’t matter whats else is on under them…

It’s boxer briefs, not boxers. Boxer briefs are like boxers, only tighter.

Personally, I have never noticed if any guys wore undies or not. Myself, I like to wear boxers under my regular pants simply because so many pants are made low cut and I don’t want to show my navel.

Ok, thats it, I’m making a poll post about this. Entitled: “Which men do not wear underwear?”

Those are gay too? What?!?! Next you’ll be telling me Judy Garland film festivals are gay.

Q: “Is anything worn under the kilt?”

A: “Och, no, lassie, everything’s in pairrfect working order.”

[Kramer] I’m out there Jerry and I’m loving every minute of it [/Kramer]

I go commando quite a bit and really like it .

A. Your wife’s lipstick.