Going commando

As I’ve mentioned, I’m getting re-certified for SCUBA. Wendesday was the first pool dive. My bag was by the benches, and after the dive I grabbed my clothes out of it and headed for a hot shower to rinse off the chlorine. Seems I left me pants in the bag, so after my shower I put my jeans on without them. Hm. That’s not so bad. No chafing, no discomfort. By the time I packed up the diving gear (notice I didn’t say, “By the time I packed my gear.” :p), I’d forgotten that I wasn’t wearing undergarments. A friend of mine never wears underpants. She hasn’t for years (although I’ve never asked her how long she’s held this habit).

So how many of you go commando? Why? Is it the “freedom” (you swingers! :wink: )? Or do you just not see a point in wearing pants under your trousers or dresses? Some other reason?

(FWIW, I don’t think I’ll make a habit of it. But now I see that it’s not uncomfortable.)

Comfy for me and sexy in the eyes of my SO (he knows I’m not wearing panties when we go out and he gets a thrill. Lusty man!). Now, of course, during thattime of the month, I do wear panties but otherwise if I can be “free”, I prefer it.
I shower daily and have no hygiene problems (you know… odor and whatnot). I’ve never had any cough infections, I’ve heard not wearing panties helps with such things (sorry, trying NOT to get into any TMI areas).

My SO personally does not go commando and I’m glad. I don’t want Jimmy and the “boys” getting hurt, ya know? They must be kept safe and secure. :smiley:

I find wearing underpants (or that vile word “panties”) more comfortable.

I say go commando, but don’t tell me about it, as I have one friend who loves to let people know they are underwear challenged.

What is it about the word “panties” that’s so weird, anyway? Every time I hear or say it, it just sounds bizarre.



Anyway, being a Studmuffin, I rarely wear panties, but I often wear my beloved boxers. I have been known to go without them if I’m only leaving the house for a short period of time.

I’ve been going commando for . . . about 6 years now, I think.

I find thongs go right up your ass, while non-thongs seems ugly and non-sexy on me (I don’t care what kind of undies other girls wear, tho).

The Cody’s been commando ever since I “lost his old undies in the move.” Tighty whities with holes AREN’T SEXY, damnit. And he won’t wear boxers. About 2.5 years for him.

I also hate the word “panties.” I don’t know why.

Not that it’s relevant, or anything… but how come I don’t get credit for renaming you? :frowning:

I’ve gone commando by necessity once or twice, like the time the dog chewed up my undies while we were at Dr.J’s. I just don’t find it all that comfortable, what with the big heavy seams in the crotch of my jeans and all. There was a fair bit of chafing. It also seems fairly impractical, since I’ve got incredibly unpredictable cycles and never have any idea when I’m going to really, really wish I’d worn a pantiliner. Better my panties than my pants, you know?

But they sure are comforatble. If you let yours deteriorate like I have mine, it’s almost like going commando…

Shouldn’t you all think of Undies as insurance policies. You know once in a while you see a guy with the flag flying at half mast, the last thing you wanna see is his money maker when the fly is undone; don’t you think it is worth wearing undys for this point alone.

I never go commando, because I always wear Jeans, and they are rough and they chaiff my best friends something awful. Also, I have a fear of getting any portion of my special anatomy stuck in a zipper.

I’ve been commando for about a year now with no major issues. It was just a matter of keeping cool one summer day and I never bothered after that. Never gotten anything worse than pubic hair caught in the zipper and I’ve never poked out of it. Its just easier for me overall and no one’s really noticed except when they do that “what underwear do you wear” icebreaker stuff.

Loved the scene from There’s Something About Mary. :smiley:

As far as I recall, I’ve only gone commando once by choice and this was when I donned a kilt for Burns’ night this year - it was oddly liberating, but a little scary.

Check out Otto Preminger’s Anatomy of a Murder. There is a scene, hillarious to modern ears, where the judge, the prosecutor, and the defense attorney (James Stewart) have a sidebar conversation, trying to come up with a word to use in open court to describe the article of clothing in question. They finally settle on “panties”, and when the judge first uses the term, there is a gasp throughout the courtroom.

A different time.

But…but…but that’s the **best ** part!
bella–all commando, all the time

Ya know, it depends on the day.
Today, no undies - just shorts and a t shirt.
Tomorrow I may wear undies but I doubt it.

Been a commando for a long time. It just simplifies the wardrobe. I’d ike to adderss some points that have been brought up:

  1. No need to worry 'bout the money maker flopping out through an unzipped fly. It is an excellent breeze detector. Dressing sans drawers will actually decrease the likelihood of receiving “barn door” jokes.
  2. Guys, don’t fear the zipper. First of all, once youve been snagged a few times you get used to it, and even look forward to it sometimes. If you are averse to the brass teeth (invented by a Frenchman, IIRC) use the index finger of your zipping hand to play riot police: grab your zipper with your thumb & middle finger, and hold the beast in check and inside with the index finger. When space demands you remove the finger, tug out on the zipper and flop him safely down below the sipper toggle and finish the job.
  3. Underwears don’t keep the boy safe. This is a vicious lie made up by the people at Hanes. Commando lets them roam free and gives a better chance to at least one of the yarbals of eluding a local collision.
  4. if you chaff, admit that you’re getting older and buy pants that fit correctly.
  5. Half mast is always a hazard.

Glad to be of service.

:eek: :eek: :eek:

Getting snagged in a zipper is a lesson you only have to learn once, unless you’re a slow learner. When I was a little kid, I learned to safely operate a zipper. I quit wearing underwear thirty years ago, and Big Olaf remains unscathed by the dreaded brass teeth. It’s simply not a problem.

Been free since high school. Too long ago to remember. The only time I wore underware since then was for job interviews.

BTW, two zipper bites here in all that time. Even though rare, it is not something kind.

Big Olaf, eh?
How you doin’?