Comment on "Was Nostradamus able to predict the future?"

The film referred to here, used some fake quatrains, some pieced together from real ones, but others invented…

I suggest that the inquirer seek out more accurate sources of information. My book, for example – “The Mask of Nostradamus” – would be an excellent source, in my estimation…

James Randi

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A link to the column: Was Nostradamus able to predict the future?

Wow, this is like a visit from Cecil, only better.

Randi, great book. One thing I don’t remember (I don’t have it handy) is Nostradamus reasons for writing the “predictions.” Can you briefly explain them?

I feel almost obliged to doubt the probity of the OP’s user name. :dubious:
It interests me that so often a person claiming supernal abilities is self promoting and has a lot to gain from leading people to believe in their powers. In the case of Nostradamus, people seem to be not only willfully ingnorant, but actively looking for topics to be ignorant about.

OMG! Really? I only belong to one other board, the JREF.

Jeez. What took you so long? :slight_smile:

Well, he’s averaging about a post a year. Give him a break, he’s pretty old. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not like he’s a mindreader or anything… :smiley:

Look at his profile, contact info goes to Randi’s site.

Also he first registered in 2007, pretty long time to keep a joke going.

Also, the registered email address IS Randi’s. I know because I’ve emailed back and forth with him several times in the past. It’s not possible to register with an email address you don’t have access to. It’s him.

Um, let’s get over the “Is it really HIM?” stuff quickly, okay?

Here’s my test for anyone claiming precognitive powers: Win the lottery more than twice.

That’s kind of a ridiculous comment to make on a message board full of skeptics.

I believe Krokodil is objecting to the “Is it really HIM?” stuff, as opposed to the “Is it REALLY him?” stuff.

I’ll admit that for Nostradamus that would be impressive indeed.

Ah, you mean gushing. I can agree with that.

It’s happened before. That’s not the only case, either.

In thus case, they had four tickets with the same numbers for the same lottery. Impressive, but not in a “We’re low on funds, let’s buy another winning Powerball ticket” kind of way.

Why? Had gambling not yet been invented?

Well, there were lotteries around during his lifetime and before, but of course today he has the unfortunate disadvantage of being dust.