Comments on Teemings e-zine

You’ve got “Comments on Cecil’s Column” and “Comments on Staff Reports”. You’re now on your third issue of “teemings” yet there is no place to comment on the board.

May I suggest a new category for those of us who may feel inclined to make a comment on some of the stuff published there.

Hey, here’s a thought. You could link each article with “Make a comment on this article”. Similar to what you do with Cecil’s column.

Otherwise, someone just may go postal as they frantically try to find a place to spew a comment and not finding anywhere to do so.

Just a thought.


I’ll have to confirm with our teemings editors, but I think we decided all comments would go in MPSIMS.

We need to change the forum listing to reflect that, if that’s how we’re going to go. So lemme check with them and get back to y’all on this.

your humble TubaDiva

That’s correct. We decided when we started that any comments on the zine should go in MPSIMS. Since Teemings is not an official part of the Straight Dope website, we didn’t see a pressing need for a separate forum for comments. There are two other avenues of feedback; we have a guestbook set up, and there is a page where you can send in “Letters to the Editors” for possible publication in upcoming issues.

And to be very honest, we don’t get a whole lot of feedback on our work, so we’d appreciate anything you might have to say. That way we’d know better if we’re on the right track with this thing, or if everyone is too out of breath from laughing at us to say anything.

I’m not laughing at you, I am laughing with you. There’s some good stuff there, although I personally am not much for poetry, and I was even thinking of contributing, (if I’d ever find the time to write something.)

Keep it up, I’m sure the circulation will keep going up for each issue, and with it there is bound to be more feedback.