“teemings” is coming back!

Longtime Dopers will remember, I trust fondly, teemings, the zine adjunct to the SDMB created and run by former mod Eutychus. (You can see archived issues here.) He finally had to give it up, due to having, yanno, a life.

Luckily, I have no such obstacles, so, egged on by my co-conspirator Gfactor, I’ve gotten it into my head to resurrect teemings.

What it will be: a zine where you can submit all the kinds of material that don’t really fit in here at the SDMB. That “not fitting in” might be about content (poetry, fiction, and suchlike) or format (photography and other artwork). I’d love to do two issues a month, but that’s probably overambitious, so let’s say once a month to start.

Where you come in:

First off, we need someone who can set up the web page, which will involve both text and art. I’d like to be able to index everything three ways, by issue, by genre, and by contributor, so the reader can see the December issue, or everything by Poster X, or all the poetry, for instance. Beyond that, and making it look pretty, I don’t have specific expectations. If this is something you know how to do, and you’ve got time to donate to the cause, let me know. (Note: Euty has offered to host the site once we’ve got it set up, so that’s one item knocked off the to-do list already.)

The main thing we need, though, is material to run on the web page once we’ve got one. The categories will include:

[li]Fiction (up to 1,000 words; if it’s longer, check with me)[/li][li]Poetry[/li][li]Personal essays and memoirs (500-800 words)[/li][li]Humor and satire (up to 800 words)[/li][li]Reviews (books, movies, music, etc.) (350-500 words)[/li][li]Recipes and other crafty/creative how-to[/li][li]Photography and other artwork[/li][li]Graphic story-telling, cartoons, comics[/li][li]Other? (suggestions welcome!)[/ul][/li]I’m planning to use art to illustrate even the text-based stuff, so if you have photos or other art to illustrate a submission, send it along. (If you don’t, I’ll find appropriate copyright-free/Creative Commons photos to use, as appropriate.) Recipes could have photos of the finished product or illustrations demonstrating particular steps or techniques. The text/art combo could also work in the other direction: photos or artwork might benefit from detailed captions or some sort of creative writing, or you could show off and describe a finished creative project (garden, sweater, wooden toys, etc.).

How it will work: This is going to be an edited zine, not an unedited message board, so all the material will be submitted to an editor –- me -– who will accept or reject individual submissions, ask for rewrites as necessary, and copyedit the material before it’s posted. Please note that I am an editor by profession and have real-life expertise in running a magazine, at least of the paper-and-ink variety. My taking on this role is because of that, and not because I am a moderator here, which is a completely separate role that has nothing to do with teemings.

So –- for now: comments and suggestions here, please.

If you want to get involved, please email me: teemings at gmail dot com. If you can set up the web page, let me know ASAP –- I’m dying to get started! If you want to contribute material, either with a one-time thing or possibly as an ongoing columnist, email me at the teemings account; “now” isn’t too early for that.

Let’s sticky this for a while.

Thanks, twicks! Here’s to a good long run!


One suggestion for format would be to set it up as a blog. That way, people would be able to subscribe and receive all new entries directly, and it lets contributors work at their own pace without having to meet a particular deadline (which can, actually inhibit production unless you’re earning a check, I think). There’s also tons of professional looking templates, hosting would be free (assuming you set it up on a standard blogging site), and it would all be searchable, etc. automagically.

Yeah, that might be a good idea – I’d originally considered Word Press, but then when Euty offered us space on his server, I thought that might be better. Not sure how much indexing you can do on a blog site, and like the idea of having multiple ways to search.

Anyone want to explain the pros and cons of these options to me?


  1. Will contributers be paid?
  2. Who owns the copyright, and/or controls republication elsewhere?
  3. Will authors use their existing screenname, or real name?
  1. No. (Nor am I, if that makes a difference.)
  2. Gfactor is the legal beagle on this project, I’ll let him answer.
  3. Your choice.

The authors own their copyrights. Control of republication will mainly be in the hands of the authors. *Teemings *will have the same copyright protection afforded to other compilations. http://www.copyright.gov/title17/92chap1.html#103 And, while we may never get that far, we’ll probably want the right to publish “best of”-type collections.

You can embed a Google style search engine into the page. There’s usually a date-posted archive sorted hierarchically by year->month->date, and if you have multiple authors contributing, you can set it up to handle that too including searching for all posts by that user.

Blog sites are made to be searchable and organizable, essentially.

OK, another question–for those of us who are not good with estimating word counts, could you guesstimate double spaced pages, say using 12 point font, to correspond with the word count limit?

250 words, double spaced, is a single page.


Yes, figure about 250 words per double-spaced page. If you’re working in Word (or, I assume, any other word-processing program), you can have it do the word count for you. (It’s in the “tools” dropdown in Word 2003, if you haven’t loaded it to the task bar; highlight the text and click on “word count,” or you can count the entire document.)

I’d be interested. I’ve still got a few essays on Pop Culture I’d like to contribute, if you’re interested.


teemings at gmail dot com

I’m hoping plenty of other people will submit things as well.

Yay! Teemings is back! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I have a few things I could contribute. Mostly SF or cartoons.

But the things I would most love to resurrect are some of the shared fictions that grew up here. The Story of a Five-Dollar Bill, for example. How would that work? Technically you could just link to the thread. But to republish it, would you need the permission of every poster?

Basically no, but we may need to take care of a few things behind the scenes.

Is blinkie’s contribution available yet? In his Ask A… thread, blinkie thinks I’ve read it, so I assume it’s available now.

No, I think he’s referring either to that thread or the one in the Game Room. We’re a couple of weeks, at least, away from posting this. (That’s one difference between a message board and a 'zine.)

I know they ceased publication because they could only go downhill after this.
I am glad to see it will be a going concern again, even if it cannot reach it’s former glory. :slight_smile:

Damn, I was good. :slight_smile: