Teemings : Time to get this puppy flying again


After a prolonged squat and too much time listening to Polyphonic Spree over and over and over and over again, it’s time to get Teemings going back on a regular and more consistant basis.

If you’re not aware (and there are a lot of new people here who might not be) we started Teemings to showcase the writings, artwork, and creative endeavors of the teemings millions. You can read what passes for a “mission statement” here and if you can get through that laughable little piece of doggerel without wetting your pants, our editorial guidelines are fairly straightly set forth here.

Right now we’re a little backed up with submissions and to be honest we get way too much poetry submitted to make even Barrett Browning comfortable. So we’re going to slap together an issue with all of the backlog we’ve got which should hit the web about January 1st or so. Just flushing out the pipes, so to speak. But don’t let that deter you from sending us your best; I did a small stat search on the site the other day and was surprised to see how many people were actually reading us. And you.

We’re also still accepting submissions for Teemings Extras where we feature work that has already shown up on the message board, (with the reprint permissions from the authors, of course.) The difference is that the main 'zine is all original. Extras is for SDMB reprints. Let us know if you see something you like; the only restriction we ask is that you don’t nominate your own work. (Someday we’re actually going to get the entire Lord of the Rings site up. I promise.)

Also, take a look at the Teemings Cookbook and the Teemings Gallery; two projects that we haven’t spent a whole hell of a lot of time on but might need to be re-invigorated as well.

One sad note; Juniper200 has said that, life being the kettle of salmon that it is, this will be her last issue as copy editor. So we are looking for another volunteer or two to help out. It doesn’t pay anything, but I will send you a coffeee cup or something.

What duties does the copy editor have, beyond spell checking and that sort of thing? What kind of time commitment is needed?

I may be interested.

Oooh! Will there be a feature on 1920s style death rays?

I’d be interested in helping out. I have no professional experience, though. Still doing the college thing.

I’d be happy to volunteer. It’ll be good experience and a good reference.


Yeah, that was my line of thought. The real world looms and my resume is looking awfully barren.

There’s not that much that the copy-editor job entails. You’d need to read through a selection of the pieces we’re running in the upcoming issue, do spell checking and correct any egregious grammatical errors without destroying the “voice” of the piece. You would also need to be able to work to a deadline as having to do everything at the last minute makes me real grumpy.

E-mail me if you’re still interested.

Hey! I didn’t get a coffee cup! I guess quitters never prosper. :slight_smile:

It’s everything he said and more, but this is the part to take to heart. Ideally, you want to be way better on the timliness than I’ve been.

editorial delinquent

While it might be dorky, maybe I could submit some of my little cartoon dolls?

Hey Euty,
I play the part of an editor in real life. I get to make the deadlines and everything and then creatively threaten the writers when they don’t meet them. One time I told a writer that if he didn’t get his stuff in by 5:00pm he would be out in the middle of the main route in town in a pink feather boa wearing a sign that said, “My editor is brilliant.” Oh yah, he had that stuff in by 9:00pm sharp, I tell ya. (Of course, what I didn’t tell him was that I didn’t really need it til 10. HA.)
So I can understand the whole deadline routine and would be happy to help out if you still need someone.

Whoohoo! Don’t have anything useful to add, just that I’m happy to see Teemings up and running again. :slight_smile:

Eutychus wrote

If the role is open, I’d like to volunteer to manage the Teemings Gallery. I suspect there’s a ton of unpublished goodness around here that’s looking for a gallery.