Commercial background theme

A few years back Ernest & Julio Gallo had a very tasteful commercial, as I recall there was no talking.
It just showed fields of grapes and in the background was a song called ‘Hymn’.
My question is what orchestra played it?
I have found the same song by Vangelis but it isn’t the one on the commercial.

Hmmm… Music from TV Commercials identifies it as Hymn by Vangelis. (Click on the pre-2002 archives to find it.) Maybe there is more than one version of the song?

Missed the ad, but I am a rabid Vangelis fan. He has two Hymns, one from the album Opera Sauvage and one from Direct (also called Glorianna or Hymn A La Femme). Anyone know which one it was?

Oh, you can listen to the Opera Sauvage clip here:

Is that the one?