Commercial identification challenge

Idle curiosity about a commercial that keeps getting over-ridden by local programming. I’d love to know what I’m missing.

The mystery commercial airs on Antenna TV during the Johnny Carson reruns 10-11/10-11:30 Eastern time. The half-second or so I see before the local ad replaces it is a white female standing and addressing the viewer. She’s brunette with shoulder-length or so hair in a green top and black pants or skirt. She’s either center screen or just left of center. My gut feeling is it’s either medical or legal in nature.

I realize that this is almost hopeless, but idle curiosity is an unexpectedly powerful motivator.

I watch the Carson reruns occasionally. Since I first saw this thread, I’ve been keeping my eye out for this commercial. I saw finally saw it. It’s for a nutritional supplement called SuperBeets. I can’t find the exact same ad online, but it’s the same spokesperson (Dana Loesch) wearing the same outfit (green top and a skirt that might be very dark green or black) as in this one:

Cecil bless you, bibliophage!

Now I can finally let that particular sleepless neuron rest easy.