Commercial trivia question

Many hit songs have been used in tv commercials. But I’m thinking of a commercial jingle that, with a few word changes, went to #1 on the pop charts.

Name the song, the Artist and for extra credit, the year it charted.

Wait wait wait. Are you saying it was a commercial jingle first, and then went #1? Or the standard radio-to-commercial sellout route?

Commercial jingle first.

Hint…the director of the commercial just died last week.

Well, not the director, but the writer of said jingle (also wrote ‘Lonely Teardrops’ for Jackie Wilson). The 1971 Coke jingle became ‘I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing’. The article below differs from the NPR story today which said the Newseekers recorded the jingle and hit song.

Well done!

The year was 1971.

Any more?

Sure; the Carpenters re-recorded a Paul Williams jingle written for a bank in 1970, released it as “We’ve Only Just Begun”, went to number one.