Commercials Questions and Answers

Anyone see any commercials that confused them recently? Hey, who hasn’t? :smiley: And I don’t mean the McDonald’s “hands off my chicken selects” spots - we’ll leave those to the philosophers.

I had a question about the ad running during the olympics with the two gymnasts. Is that the same girl at different ages? I wasn’t paying attention at first so I missed the point of that whole series for a while, but I think it’s making sense now. In one, it looks like the runner from Ethiopia is running against eight other versions of himself, as he’d broken his own record that many times. Cool!

I haven’t figured out the gymnast one though. Anyone got a line on that? And what are there commercials for anyway? Addidas maybe? (guess they didn’t work)

The gymnast one showed Nadia Comaneci vs. a current olympian. Comaneci scored a perfect 10 in several of her routines, the standard to aim for. The commercial implies a connection between Comaneci and the current olympian.