Worst commercial ever (Samsung/Olympics)

“What is it that defines puhfection? The excellence of fohm?..”

While showing cell phones bend in sync with olympic athletes.

This isn’t a pit-worthy rant; I just think the commercial is lame and begging to be made fun of (Phil Hartman was great at that kind of stuff :frowning: )

Do you guys know the commercial I’m talking about? What do you think of it?

It can’t possibly be as bad as the Skittles commercial where the octegenarian shows her tits to her grandson. Let’s call it the second-worst commercial ever.

Yup. The commercial in the OP is almost worse than the actual Olympic coverage. Almost. Cisco, I just hope I never see that.

Absolutelly worst is Coca -Cola comercial, young black lady is singing while walking down the street and giving pedestrians bottles of Coca-Cola.

Um… What? Did it really show that? I mean, I know it didn’t show it show it, but did an old woman really expose herself to a little boy?

I do like the song, though.

Yeah, Cicso, I know the one. When it comes on, I make up my own voiceovers for it in the same tones as the original announcer:

“Our cell phone is like an Olympic diver. So go ahead, throw it into the pool from a 10 meter platform. Impressive, a double reverse somersault with a half twist. Perfectly executed, and very little splash. That should receive high marks from the judges.”

My vote for the worst commercial(s) ever.
Wang Computer - Yes people don’t even remember the company anymore but in the mid 1980’s they were going to take on IBM. The ads would show 2 yuppie types (who needed a SERIOUS beating) talking in technospeak about some solution they had just found for a company problem. Condescending, self-congratulatory and nauseating.
I even started a thread about these ads

but it seems very few people even remember the company.

Here’s a reference to them So someone remembers them :wink: But I could find a clip.

How 'bout the McDonald’s one that portrays childbirth as the original Olympic even??? I love the beautiful shots of pregnant women, and the baby is adorable, but come on!!

This commercial certainly can’t be worse than the Pepto-Bismol Diarrhea Dancers.

I’d like the song better if she didn’t GASP between every phrase. Sing a few words…GASP…sing a few more words…GASP…sing…GASP…

I find it beyond cringeworthy.

What about the Benefiber commercial?

Oh No! We’re lost in the desert and we’re out of water! That means I can’t take my fiber powder!!!


12 posts and no one’s mentioned the Chicken Selects ads nor the Southwest Airlines ads with the grandson and grandfather? Not that the SWA ad would be so bad if they hadn’t shown it 27,492 times in two weeks.


That annoys the hell out of me, too.

I’ve also grown tired of these Honda commercials that feature a cartoon character called “Mr. Opportunity” who knocks on the TV screen and just seems like an idiot to me. I know he’s an animated figure, but I want to kill him all the same.

Take Anifrin Complete for headaches! Anifrin Complete is better than the other leading pain reliever. Why? Because Anifrin Complete is better. What do we mean by “better”? Let’s look at this scientific chart: The other leading pain reliever has these ingredients. Anifrin Complete has the same ingredients, plus another ingredient that makes it better.

Anifrin Complete. It’s better.

Yeah, that breathy singing with the drawn-out syllables is the essence of why I don’t listen to pop radio or watch American Idol. And who would take an opened Coke from a stranger on a sidewalk anyway?

The little boy looks to be about sixteen, but other than that that is a pretty accurate description of the commercial. It’s the Skittles - they made her act all crazy!

My, what a cynical age we live in. I like that commercial a lot, partially because I long for a return of the day when we can accept kindness from a complete stranger without being suspicious of it. My nostalgic, hopeless romantic side really appreciates that kind of sentiment.

Plus, the song is really catchy. And I have no problems with the delivery either. If I’m going to be picky about breath control, I’ll turn on some opera.

The first time I saw this commercial during the Olympics, it said “Happy Mother’s Day” at the end. I thought to myself “Where in the world is it Mother’s Day right now??”

Later I saw that they’d changed the verbiage to what Avarie537 said.

Way to recycle a commercial, guys. :rolleyes: