Commercials that crack you up, or otherwise compel you to watch

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This Sears Optical ad is hilarious:


Another favorite!
This for Visa checkcard was a treat for the short time it was shown. I love the look on the little boy’s face and I chuckle out loud every time the cashier mistakes the bunny for the phone.

There’s another one in this series with a guy struggling in the desert who falls into quicksand and sees salvation. “Go boy! Go get help!” Only it’s a cat who just sits there. Because cats don’t listen That’s what cats do.
Another oldie: 1 800 CONTACTS overly dramatic dramatization. “Look! Look with your special eyes.”

There was a Verizon ad featuring Pam from True Blood as Pam from True Blood showing up one night at a FIOS customer’s house for a Quantum install.

Cracked me up every time.

Virgin Mobile’s Chrismahanukwanzakah

Oh, that commercial is so sweet. I will often rewind and watch it again. Yes, the images and the music really come together on that one.
Then there’s the UnitedHealthcare commercial with the 2 chubby people getting their dance on. After ~10 seconds of set-up, you can FF to (approx) the 30-second mark to get the punchline.

It cracks me up that she falls / he drops her on the table. But what the hell was she thinking? We all know you should give a brother some warning before tossing a couple-hundred pounds at him. :slight_smile:

Incidentally, the lyrics are oo-de-lally, not oodle lolley. :smiley:

The insurance commercial–“you thought you were paying for this, but you’re actually paying for this.” And a guy with a bouffant and a yellow sports car appears in the suburban garage and starts to twerk. That one makes me laugh every time.

And Captain Obvious, especially the one in a hotel bar. “ . . . I don’t need it.”

And the Viking ship “some people get to travel for work” one, which has been mentioned. “I don’t like the oaky. Just the buttery.”

And yes, there aren’t enough votes in the world for the oo-de-lally commercial.

This Tostitos commercial just kills. Kills I tell ya! I love everybody in this thing.

And I love the way the penguin rants in this Aventura ad. Mrs. Penguin is kind of fun too, letting out an angry exhalation when her kid drops his cereal. Subsequent commercials feature a more mellow penguin, which is a pity.

I had no idea this song was actually connected to the Disney movie. I’ve never seen it but I recall the commercial with Robin (the fox) saying “oo - de-lally”. It sure doesn’t sound like a Disney song.

I like an commercial that shows a measure of creativity or cleverness. The insurance ads for … I can’t remember, but the ones with the Mayhem guy - he’s got a great delivery.

The Jake-from-State-Farm ad is funny just for the last lines: “She sounds hideous.” “Well, she’s a guy, so…”

I will sometimes rewind the commercial with the group of kids in what’s obviously a horror movie. “Why don’t we just get in the running car?” “Are you crazy? Let’s hide in the barn!” The expression on the face of the redneck serial killer as he stares at the teenagers hiding behind a curtain of chainsaws and wearily rolls his eyes before pulling on his mask always cracks me up.

“My brand!!”

For some reason I think this is interesting.

Saw that last nite and gagged. I thought for a moment it was an SNL spoof

I saw it last night and had a reaction that was a mixture of Dummy and Dag’s :confused: :dubious: :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

So clever and topi(ari)cal, yet there’s something slightly oogie about it at the same time. It came on while I was watching Gotham and knowing that my bf was at his house watching it too, I was waiting for the phone to ring so he could make his snarky comments about me running right out and buying one. As it turns out he didn’t even see it, but I’ll be hearing about it soon enough :rolleyes:

I wonder how many prudes went apoplectic over it.

Mow The Lawn.

Also, Kayak’s Dilated Pupils.

I am a fan of the free range chicken ad where the farmer says he does nothing but send pictures.

Love the Geico commercial where the cowboy hits the The End sign. The girl’s delivery of “Jesse?” is priceless.

The current one I like is the single women that flies Southwest and dances at a bunch of different weddings.

Here is a different version of the same thing - same dancer, different dances.

The programming on the Discovery Channel has gone sadly downhill, but this commercial always brings a tear to my eye:

Boom De Ya Da!

I’m a sucker for the oh-de-lally commercial, too.
We love the Geico “that’s not how it works! That’s not how any of this works!” ad.
The “Push It” commercial also makes me giggle -“I’m pushing it, I’m pushing it real good”