Commercials that crack you up, or otherwise compel you to watch

Rhea Perlman, violin virtuosa.

And yeah, the one with the pairs of animals.

The Samsung ad in which a woman is making a sci-fi film in her house.

This is off-topic, but I have to share it: the movie Olive starring Gena Rowlands was shot entirely with a Nokia N8 smart phone. Some of the scenes were shot in my home town of El Cerrito.

Nike, Michael Jordan’s Let Your Game Speak where some kids recreate some of Jordan’s most memorable plays.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car with TJ Oshie shooting pucks at the Enterprise guy. This is the long version (“Next Time”) which doesn’t get aired enough; it’s wonderful.

I love the Kraft Dinner ad! And the Queen-o also! I never saw either of them before.

Reaching *waaaaaaaay *back, I enjoyed the James Garner/Mariette Hartley ads for Polaroid. I don’t know if they were the first that were a series, but they’re the first I recall that were.

Another fairly current one that amuses me is the one where Patrick Stewart peeks from behind a plaque that he’s holding, only to be told to get back. I don’t know what it’s advertising, but I find it funny.

There’s a Viking ship with men rowing but one guy’s holding up a glass of Chardonney and talking about its oaky essence. Later he’s wearing a bathing suit and about to take a dip overboard. “Hey, did y’all bring your suits?”

Another of theirs has cowhands on a cattle drive. One cowpoke has a fresh latte and askes the others “Hey, can we expense this?”

Ditto this. Also another vote for the one with the pairs of animals.
Pretty much any ad with animals will get me to stop and watch. There’s one now for PetMed and it shows a dog sitting on the couch with a sign around his neck that says “I bark at yoga pants” and a humiliated cat sitting next to him whose sign says “I am a waffle thief”. The rest of the ad is pretty forgettable but I get a kick out of the image of those two.

Also the free range chicken commercial with Roy Orbison’s song and the chicken shown making his way across the country; riding a train, hitchhiking, etc.

The Guico Camel that everybody’s sick of nowadays. Mike! Mikemikemikemikemike! Hump-DAYEE! Never get tired of it.

The Jake From State Farm ad is like watching a train wreck about to happen. It’s going to be an ugly sight, but I just can’t look away.

A couple years ago, there was an ad for the USA network that had Matt Bomer from White Collar and WWE star Big Show discussing wine and being all hoity-toity, topping with their cafe table breaking from BS’s massive weight.

Not funny but good:
The Apple Watch commercial. I don’t plan to get one, but the music and graphics are fantastic.

This Halos commercial, a parody of the famous Godfather scene. It’s very short, but makes me laugh every time.

God yes, I get shit in my eyes every time that comes on and I have to grab a tissue.

Mine probably has some haters, but I love Captain Obvious. Especially in the one with the guy on a business trip who gets locked out of his hotel room:

“You’re not wearing pants.”
“Thanks, Captain Obvious, that’s why I’m hiding behind this plant.”
“Not very well–I found you… immediately.”

His delivery just cracks me up.

From the days of perestroika and glasnost:

Yep! I like dry humor, and his delivery is perfect.
Like the line about their review site would have mentioned the blood stain or knife or whatever it was.

[quote=“terentii, post:34, topic:718226”]

From the days of perestroika and glasnost:


Oh hells yeah. I knew what this was without even clicking.

“Day Vear!!”

I still say this when shopping / trying on clothes with other people, though admittedly that isn’t very often.

The Brady Bunch Snickers commercial with Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi.

This Sears Optical ad is hilarious:

I don’t know why I like this commercial for Greatclips but I just think everyone’s deliver is hilarious.
Something tells me a lot of people probably hate this commercial.

This morning I saw a State Farm commercial with a bunch of Elvis impersonators and actually chuckled. I usually do not care for State Farm’s ads.